Eighteen of Zero 88’s new RigSwitch cabinets have been installed at P&J Live at The Event Complex Aberdeen, a brand new multi-million-pound state-of-the-art flexible entertainment, exhibition, event and conference facility.


                           The tender for electrical contractor for these areas was won by LSI Projects                                 


The facility was delivered by Aberdeen City Council in partnership with Henry Boot Developments. The fantastic futuristic-looking building was designed by architects Keppie and constructed by the Robertson Group. Leading theatre consultants Theatre Projects were commissioned to define and specify the site-wide technical infrastructure for Hall C and Conference Suites 1 and 2.When it came to a power switching solution for the LED lighting rigs predominantly requiring ‘hot power’ in these three main spaces, the need was for a safe, cost-effective and reliable system to control the predicted on / off power surges associated with large LED installations.

Zero88 RigSwitch PJLive 1

LSI Projects also won the tender to deliver the cabling infrastructure for the entertainment lighting rigs, audio and AV plus associated power distribution for these performance spaces including all the fibre connections, and they in turn chose RigSwitch to be an integral part of that setup.

The 36-channel was manufactured especially for this project by Zero 88 as a project-specific solution, while the 24-channel and 12-channel were subsequently launched at the PLASA 2019 expo. RigSwitch has been developed as a remote-controlled power switching solution suitable for any size venue. The standard 12 or 24 channel cabinet configurations offer RCD or RCBO options and a wide choice of user interfaces for control.

The P&J Live installation was overseen on site by Zero 88’s Keith Rogers working closely with LSI Projects’ Paul Barker and the 18 small-footprint cabinets are divided into blocks of six across the three separate main performance areas.


                         Two variants – a 24 and a 36-channel version – of RigSwitch were supplied                       


Hall C, one of the three exhibition halls at P&J Live, is a massive single space containing six rectangular flown trusses for the lighting positions, with one RigSwitch rack allocated per truss, each giving 24 switchable power sockets.

Zero88 RigSwitch PJLive 2

Conference Suite 1 (CS1) can be divided into two areas and also features six rectangular trusses, two on one side (in the partitioned configuration) and four the other.

CS2 can be divided into three separate areas with six rectangular trusses, two in each section

The RigSwitch relay units are all located in a service / fire corridor running the length of the building, chosen to be as close as possible to each of the mains distro boards feeding into the units, and also to the individual switching rooms that back on to the corridor. This reduces cable runs to the lighting trusses as much as possible.

Zero88 RigSwitch PJLive 3

Each RigSwitch cabinet was standardized for easy installation and maintenance, featuring an RCBO per circuit plus plenty of space to practically make all the connections. The power switching devices are each rated at 32A capability offering a total of 576 latching relays operating with an inbuilt “cascade power on” function to protect the mains distribution panels (also manufactured by Eaton) from nuisance tripping due to the inrush on the LED lighting fixtures.

All three event spaces have the same control interfaces, with a simple two-button panel that turns everything on and off

In addition to this, there is a small TSC30 colour touch screen for individual control of the relays, and to override them if necessary. In Conference suites 1 and 2, this also allows for individual on/off control of lighting fixtures when the rooms are partitioned. These are in fixed positions. Hall C’s interfaces are in a control room overlooking the space, and for the Conference Suites, they are integrated in a comms rack within the rooms themselves.

All the units are DMX addressed and can also be controlled from a lighting console. There is provision to connect to the system wirelessly via an EG2 gateway if desired in the future.

Customised RigSwitch configurations can currently include larger channel counts than the standard 12 and 24 channels, with options for RCBO ‘traffic lights’ and AFDD (Arc Fault Detection Devices). With individual relays rated up to 32A, RigSwitch can cater for even the most power-hungry entertainment applications.