TSL Lighting supplies solution for Skillsoft stream

TSL Lighting helped independent live events production company LRI create a COVID-Secure lighting package for a live stream training session by e-learning company, Skillsoft, in May.

TSL was approached by lighting designer Tim Ball to supply a fitting solution for the project, with a specification that would provide the presentation with the perfect balance of lighting for the cameras filming the session.

As one of the leading global providers of education technology and training, Skillsoft had originally programmed its ‘Perspectives 2020’ session as an in-person event, but the COVID-19 lockdown meant that LRI and Skillsoft worked quickly to transform the production into a fully online, global digital experience.

Ball’s design included Chroma-Q Colorforce II 48 LED battens for scenic treatment, Arri 650 Plus fresnels for key lighting, ETC Source Four Profiles for graphics highlights and an array of battery-powered Astera AX3 LightDrop LED spotlights for backlight.

The event was prepped, delivered and installed onsite by Ball and Graham Loughman, with full consideration to the UK government's COVID-Secure guidelines, with social distancing in place for all logistics, build and de-rig.

“The brief from Elliot Levi at LRI was for a warm ‘daytime TV’ feel to the lighting,” says Ball. “The venue, an unoccupied space in the office building where the client is based, did offer some challenges, particularly the nine-foot high ceiling with no hanging possibilities. I decided to go with a single ground support truss for key light from four Arri 650W fresnels mounted on short barrels on top of the truss for maximum height."


"Two more Arris and three LitePanels Astra 6X LED panels flown from the bottom chord bounced off the ceiling to create a soft fill”


“I’ve always loved ColorForce II for set lighting and the AX3 LightDrop units worked great for backlight with a good output for their size, no cable, and controlled from my iPhone. They offer an impressive battery life, too. I loved being able to put them in sleep mode overnight directly from the app."

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