AVL installs multiple Pioneer Pro Audio systems at Dutch High School

The Oscar Romero High School in Hoorn, Netherlands, recently underwent extensive renovation and refurbishment to provide its students with state-of-the-art facilities.

With a focus on sustainability, increased space and improved resources, the project was completed in November 2020. Improvements to the school’s audio provision were considered essential, and its management team engaged with local installation specialists AVL to deliver new systems for twelve different spaces across the building.

The systems required by Oscar Romero needed to meet a diverse set of requirements. Where two gymnasiums would require powerful solutions that could fill large spaces, the lecture hall would require crystal clear reinforcement for speech, music and film audio. For the music and fitness rooms, power and precision were equally important, but the systems needed to be as user-friendly as possible.und system to meet its retro-style requirements.

Pioneer Pro Audio Oscar college 1

AVL had supplied Pioneer Pro Audio systems for previous school events, leading its Head of Technical Support, Patrick Spel, to conclude that there was no need to consider another brand: “The positive experiences we’d had with Pioneer Pro Audio before made the choice easy!”

AVL owner Wouter Ruijter, designed and assembled the systems with his team. The most challenging space was the main lecture hall. Here AVL installed a master PA set-up at the front, comprising 2 x 15-inch XY-152 full-range loudspeakers above 2 x XY-118s subwoofers, complemented halfway down the room by 2 x 12-inch XY-122 full-range loudspeakers for more coverage. A further 4 x 10-inch XY-101 full-range loudspeakers were placed at the back of the room as delays. A single Powersoft X8 amplifier provided all the necessary power, and its intuitive software made timing and EQ configuration straightforward.

Pioneer Pro Audio Oscar college 2

XY- Series loudspeakers were also used in the gymnasiums – 4 x XY-152 in the large gym and 2 x XY-152 in the smaller gym. A single Powersoft T604 was used in each space. For the fitness and music rooms, Ruijter selected Pioneer Pro Audio’s powered XPRS units. Each of two music rooms and two fitness rooms was kitted out with a pair of XPRS-10 loudspeakers, whilst each of four music studios benefited from a single XPRS-10.

Ruijter explains: “For the fitness and music rooms the school needed something that produced high power and quality but that was slightly easier to use. Whether working with the XY-Series or the XPRS speakers, we were able to achieve crisp, warm and powerful sound in every frequency to suit the purpose of each room.”

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