Diversified selects Picturall Pro at W.L. Gore

For “The Powers of Ten” in the W.L. Gore capabilities center, Diversifed chose Analog Way’s Picturall Pro. W.L. Gore is an award-winning developer and manufacturer of high-performance fluorocarbon polymers.

The company has reinvented the tour experience for partners, customers and visitors at its Capabilities Center in Newark, Delaware where exhibits showcase Gore’s corporate community, culture, technology and products.

Diversified provided the design, development, testing, fabrication and deployment of the latest in immersive exhibit technology for the Center. Bluecadet, an experience strategy and design agency, was responsible for redesigning Gore’s spatial experience and generating the custom ultra HD content.

The lobby installation showcases original videos, inspired by Charles and Ray Eames’s short documentaries called “The Powers of Ten,” which hint at Gore’s global reach. It consists of 13 Planar Mosaic displays, both 22-inch diagonal square and standard 55-inch diagonal models in horizontal and vertical orientations, arrayed on a wall in a lattice form with spaces between the screens. Advanced Mounting Design, Inc. created the displays’ custom mount.


“The different sizes and orientations of the displays that span the wall posed a challenge as did the big media canvas that required play back,” says Seth Teates, Analog Way’s Regional Sales Manager


“Diversified needed a rock solid, reliable media server that could play back an 8K x 6.5K pixel canvas, including the dead spaces. A single Picturall Pro, designed and built for 24/7 mission critical use, was powerful enough for the job.”

“We were looking for a solution that could treat the exhibit as a single video canvas with content mapped seamlessly onto 13 screens at very high resolution,” explains Diversified Director Perry Freifeld. “We looked at a few solutions, and Picturall Pro had the right capabilities and price point. The Analog Way team worked with us and Bluecadet to configure a solution whose reliability and high performance met all the requirements of the project and delivered a great-looking videowall.”

Teates notes that Picturall Pro’s Picturall Commander control software permitted easy positioning of the content on the uniquely designed exhibit. “Our control GUI enabled precise and pixel-perfect content positioning to match the physical build out of the wall,” he says.

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