Absen partners with Brompton Technology to help create virtual studio solutions

Absen and Brompton Technology have joined forces with the aim to offer the very best solutions for high-end virtual studios. Absen’s LED specialist background paired with Brompton Technology’s market leading processing solutions for LED video walls, offers integrators access to the leading video packages when it comes to virtual studio creation.

The use of virtual studios has grown exponentially in the last two years, with this growth showing no signs of slowing down. Grand View Research estimated that the global virtual production market size was valued at USD 1.41 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.7% from 2021 to 2028. Virtual production enables film makers to create real-time virtual backgrounds instead of filming at costly set locations, not only does this ensure significant savings but the content creation options are limitless.


Both Absen and Brompton will be leading the way in showing users just how effective immersive LED screens and processors can be for the future of virtual production


London based Brompton Technology, established in 2011 is a specialist manufacturer of cutting edge video processing products for the film, TV, broadcast and live event sectors. Its LED processors are able to realise reactive backgrounds that perfectly sync with the camera for fully immersive filming. Notably, its Tessera LED processing products are leading the way in virtual studio development with features including; High Dynamic Range (HDR), ultra-low latency, and high frame rate which can help create a real-time rendered virtual world.

In light of the virtual studios growth in recent years, Absen’s latest Autumn launch featured an LED virtual movie studio solution which streamlines the film making process. Colossal scenes can be shot in a small space, saving time and energy for set transitions. The director and creators are immersed in the surrounding environment, so they are able to engage with their surroundings in real time. The AX Pro series of MiniLED and HD lease products were showcased, including professional stage floor tile screens so actors and creators can walk over their virtual set.

With such extensive knowledge and 24/7 customer support offered to world-wise users, Brompton Technology’s company ethos parallels that of Absen who are globally recognised for their high-quality products and bespoke customer care. Absen’s support network spans the globe, with 380 service partners and exports reaching 120 countries and regions. Both internationally recognised companies have a wealth of combined knowledge to offer their clients, integrators and end-users.

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