DTS wins LDI's best Debuting Product Award 2021 with Alchemy 7

The Italian Professional Lighting company has won the prestigious Best Debuting Product Award for the entertainment industry. The Award, hosted during the LDI exhibition in Las Vegas was given to DTS's Alchemy 7, the latest Wash moving head announced by the company in 2021.

Alchemy 7 was designed in order to widen its range and offer a high-power, high-efficiency product. Much like its predecessors, it presents very innovative fixtures in regards to using a Fresnel light on a moving head.

With a 250mm lens, a two-blade framing system and a 6-LED color chip, capable of delivering superior light quality and a wide range of pastel shades, this product was placed on the market with the goal to accommodate to the most demanding requests from Lighting Designers and Directors of Photography.

This fixture's output offers a great performance even for the bigger venues, as it can deliver up to 22.000 lumen. Moreover, thanks to the linear CCT it is possible to range from 1800K to 10000K, reaching excellent CRI and TLCI values, respectively up to 98 and 96.


Another fixture that was integrated in the product is the two-blade framing system that makes it possible to manage the light projection completely, thanks to a full rotation that reaches 180°


Alchemy 7 is incredibly innovative in regards to its colorimetric features, offering the option to mix between different gel filters or desaturate them, adjusting the color temperature or the green saturation.

Its adjustable green-magenta point makes it possible for the color to adapt to any kind of skin tone, a paramount quality in theater and television alike.

The projector's Tungsten Emulation function is indubitably one of its most notable qualities, which makes it possible to recreate the same effect of a halogen lamp on the dimming curve. Alchemy 7 perfectly fits the needs of those venues that require the utmost quietness. Thanks to its "Ultra Silent" mode, the projector delivers a maximum noise of 38db, which makes it incredibly quiet and discreet.

The Best Debuting Product Award was proudly accepted by Carmen Savarese, International Sales Manager at DTS and Ola Melzig, one of the four founders of Apex Technologies, DTS’s exclusive distributors in North America.

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