ROE Visual and disguise join forces to open xR STAGE TOKYO and showcase cutting-edge VFX technology to Japan

ROE Visual and disguise announce the opening of their xR STAGE TOKYO - a virtual production showroom, powered by ROE Visual and disguise.

Located at ROE Visual Japan's premises in Hatchobori, xR STAGE TOKYO offers visitors the opportunity to get an up-close experience with virtual production technology and in-camera VFX within an LED volume.

In-camera VFX is a technique that uses real-time compositing of CG backgrounds on an LED wall. The method is currently used in films, TV commercials, and music videos and is now expanding to live streaming and corporate online presentations. Virtual Production workflows are made possible by disguise's award-winning extended reality (xR) technology. disguise's xR workflow is already powering LED stages in over 300 locations in over 45 countries, many of which are made up of ROE Visual LED panels.

Due to disguise’s reliable and seamless xR workflow, coupled with the quality of LED offered by ROE Visual, this technology is used worldwide and is an integral part of hundreds of productions.

The new "xR STAGE TOKYO" is an industry-leading combination of ROE Visual's high definition BP2V2 and BM4 LED panels and disguise's vx 4 media playback server and rx II real-time render node. The disguise hardware, together with their software, Designer, powers video content playback and real time graphics content generated by engines like Unreal Engine onto the LED panels and creates vast photorealistic virtual environments visible in-camerato completely immerse actors into the scene.

This showroom allows visitors to experience the capabilities and benefits of a virtual studio. Now, they can explore the creative and technical possibilities present in virtual production workflows.


As part of the xR STAGE TOKYO, visitors will have the unique opportunity to see a wide range of ROE Visual's LED panels in action, where they can observe and experience the differences in LED pitch, viewing angle, and visual qualities between the different panels.

With the opening of ROE Visual's Japan office in January 2022, the company's goal is to develop the Japanese market further and offer support and services to its local customers. The establishment of xR STAGE TOKYO further establishes the profound partnership between ROE Visual and disguise.

Access to the showroom will be available by appointment only. Email your preferred date, time, number of people, and goal of your visit at the email address below.

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