Elation assists on FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Official Countdown Clock reveal

For those who may not be aware (and that isn’t many), this is a FIFA World Cup year. The world’s most popular international football tournament gets underway in Qatar in November and countdown to kickoff has been underway for quite some time with an assist from Elation lighting supplied by ES:ME Entertainment Services.


Countdown Clock unveiling

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Official Countdown Clock drives anticipation as it ticks down through every hour, minute and second to the opening game at Al Bayt Stadium on 21 November 2022. The Countdown Clock was unveiled on November 21, 2021 at Doha’s picturesque Corniche Fishing Spot, precisely one year before the big kickoff.

ES:ME Entertainment Services

Working for client fischerAppelt Qatar, ES:ME Entertainment Services, since 2010 one of the leading premium specialists for event technology in the Middle East, handled lighting, rigging and audio for the reveal event, including hanging of a translucent screen. ES:ME also provided technical support. Lighting design was by visual design and technology company bright! studios of Germany.


ES:ME has worked on many of fischerAppelt’s big events over the last 10 years and for the Countdown Clock reveal supplied a show lighting package of 22 Elation Proteus Maximus, 28 Proteus Hybrid and 31 Rayzor 760 fixtures


“I like to use Elation, especially the Proteus Maximus and Proteus Hybrid with their marine grade specification because they work great in Qatar’s harsh environment,” stateed CEO of ES:ME Entertainment Services, Alexander Wuerfel, who notes that they began investing in Elation lighting three years ago. “Although it’s a hot and often humid climate that lies directly on the sea, I can rely on these products.”

Elation Copa Mundial FIFA 2022 1


Generate anticipation and create excitement

The elegant hourglass curves of the Countdown Clock were inspired by the unbroken loop of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 emblem and the ancient timekeeping tool. The reveal event’s objective was to generate anticipation for the upcoming tournament and create an atmosphere of excitement using lighting and projection as the clock was unveiled.


For camera

In addition to the reveal, several special guests took the stage under a sky filled with a captivating aerial drone display and digital fireworks. As the production was streamed live so that football fans worldwide could watch the milestone virtually, it was key to both light the participants and fill the camera with beams and color. The Proteus Maximus were used to provide key light while beams from the Proteus Hybrid, some at ground positions behind the projection, filled the camera. The compact Rayzor 760 wash lights with their seven oversized front lenses, as well as other fixtures, provided ambient, eye-candy looks for camera.

fischerAppelt won a Gold Medal for creative excellence at the international advertising competition Golden Award of Montreux 2022 with the event. The awards honor outstanding work across the areas of advertising, media, digital and events. The Countdown Clock event isn’t the only FIFA event that ES:ME has completed using their Elation gear however. Last November, they incorporated Proteus Hybrids on an opening show of the FIFA Arab Cup.

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