Showtec Solaris: Lasers from another galaxy

Showtec introduce their most powerful series of laser effect units: Solaris. The Solaris series is intended for professional applications and consists of four powerful models, ranging from 3,000 to a staggering 11,000 mW.

The models with integrated Pangolin FB4 module unlock the professional QuickShow control software, which is a formidable tool to design your laser show.


These powerful laser effects are approaching a high-end professional level. They are Showtec’s first laser effect series with this much quality and power – power from another galaxy now made available to you. Showtec reveal their latest series of high-end laser effect units, the Solaris, consisting of four models.


The ‘entry-level’ models, Solaris 3.0 and Solaris 3.0 with Pangolin FB4, have a 3,000-mW RGB laser on board and support Art-Net and ILDA, just like the rest of the series. The Solaris 3.0 with Pangolin FB4, the Solaris 5.5, and the Solaris 11.0 are equipped with a Pangolin FB4 module, which unlocks the full capabilities of the award-winning QuickShow software. With QuickShow, creating a professional show is easy. It allows you to control your laser(s) via your PC through a full network setup.

Solaris 1 HI

The Solaris 5.5 and Solaris 11.0 are equipped with 5,500 and 11,000 mW lasers respectively. All units are very precisely built and use a high-quality construction to ensure perfect matching of the RGB beams and distortion-free images. This high build quality results in exceptionally accurate control over the laser beam.

Because the Solaris series uses analogue intensity control, each model can create a full spectrum of formidable colours. The low divergence of the laser and high scanning speeds (<1.1 mrad at full angle and up to 35 kpps at 8° for the 5.5 and 11.0 models) create a razor-sharp image and beam contour in any colour. Combined with the 45° scan angle, the Solaris laser effects can thus cover large projection areas with high-quality imagery.


Naturally, the Solaris laser effects are CE certified and fully protected against failures to comply with all necessary safety precautions. With a Solaris laser effect, you have a professional piece of equipment at your disposal, suitable for larger venues and professional shows.


Solaris 3 HI

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