Showtec and Infinity tour with Our Planet Live in Concert

Our Planet, the award-winning nature documentary series made for Netflix and narrated by David Attenborough, has been turned into a live show that is visiting several major cities in Europe including Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and London.


Hosted by Oscar®-winning composer Steven Price, the two-hour spectacle features highlights from the series shown on a giant 4K screen with live music being performed by an orchestra conducted by Robert Ames. Intelligent lighting by Infinity and Showtec enhance the entire experience.


While breathtaking images on screen and live orchestral music already engage the audience, stunning lighting effects throughout the venue augment the visual experience to fully immerse them. Numerous lighting fixtures by Infinity and Showtec are used for this. These include thirty-four Infinity iW-1941 RDM washers, fourteen Showtec Helix S5000 Q4 washers, twenty-five Infinity S401 Spots and eight Infinity S601 Profiles. Each fixture plays an important part in the spectacular light show that was designed by Art of Light’s Andre Beekman. Additional effects are provided by two Showtec Mistique CO2 hazers.

our planet live 05

In addition to raising further awareness about the state of the planet, net profits from Our Planet Live in Concert will be donated to the WWF’s (World Wide Fund For Nature) global education and awareness initiatives.

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