Showtec tours with Dani Martín

The third part of Dani Martín’s Qué caro es el tiempo tour continued in 2022. After the first phase, he played the festival circuit before resuming his own tour again, after a short, well-earned break.


Fluge Audiovisuales were responsible for providing the sound, lighting and AV equipment for the tour, which included twenty-four Showtec Sunstrips.


With even more followers on Spotify than the band he formed, Dani Martín’s solo career as a singer has been an unbridled success.

Dani Martin Fluge Sunstrip 3 HI

Not content to stick with acting, he formed El Canto del Loco in 1994 who went on to become one of Spain’s biggest pop/rock acts. When they took a break in 2009, Martín took the opportunity to work on solo material and the rest is history. Having toured Spain multiple times, Martín has played in many countries around the world including much of Latin and South America.

The Showtec Sunstrips provided by Fluge Audiovisuales for the tour have been lighting up faces in the crowd and one can only imagine what it must be like for Martín to see the faces of all those who are singing along with him. With Martín’s popularity as high as ever, more concerts are sure to follow.

Dani Martin Fluge Sunstrip 1 HI

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