New additions to the Showtec Shark series

Showtec is proud to present new additions to its Shark series of moving head light fixtures in the form of the Shark Beam One, the Shark Spot Two and the Shark Wash Zoom Two.

The Shark Beam One is a 90-watt LED beam moving head that creates colourful and dynamic light displays thanks to its impressive features. It boasts 13 colours plus white, a 6-facet rotating prism, 11 gobos, frost and flower effects, and more.

The Shark Spot Two is a versatile 90-watt LED spot moving head with 7 colours plus white, a 3-facet prism, 6 gobos, and dimmer and strobe functions. Classic wash effects with different beam angles are easy to create on the Shark Wash Zoom Two thanks to its motorised zoom. It also has dimmer and strobe functions.


Showtec’s Shark series features several compact moving head light fixtures that are perfect for bars, small clubs and similar establishments. With beam, spot and wash lights among the range, finding the ideal lighting solution is easier than shooting fish in a barrel!


Like the other models in the series, the new Shark moving heads are swimming with possibilities and can be tamed even by those with a little less lighting experience.

Showtec Shark 2 HI


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