ROE Visual brings LED for live events to Prolight+Sound

ROE Visual is proud to participate in the Prolight+Sound exhibition, showcasing its latest innovations in LED technology. ROE Visual will present a range of LED screens designed for rental applications in in- and outdoor environments.

Roe Visual PS 6 HI

The Prolight+Sound exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, takes place from 25-28th April and offers an excellent platform to experience the latest trends and products in the live event technology industry.


ROE Visual's participation at the Prolight + Sound exhibition will focus on their market-leading position in the field of LED products for the live event and touring market.


With years of experience and large touring productions to its name, ROE Visual understands and fulfills the exacting demands of its clients and users. They have earned a reputation for delivering high-quality, reliable products that withstand the rigors of touring and provide stunning visual effects for any event.

ROE Visual will present a range of cutting-edge LED screens designed for rental applications in in- and outdoor environments. Visitors will have the opportunity to see the latest products in action, speak with its team of experts about the technologies on offer, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the market. The ROE Visual team will host a lively platform to connect with other industry peers. 

Roe Visual PS 1 HI


Black Quartz BQ6

A product made for outdoor touring is Black Quartz. After successfully introducing the Black Quartz BQ4 and BQ3, the Black Quartz BQ6 is now available in a pixel pitch of 6.25mm.

The Black Quartz LED panels have an incorporated folding bracing truss. Once mounted, the LED panels are wind-load resistant and can be used until 20m/sec wind speeds. Black Quartz stands out with an unrivaled visual performance using only the best components. Using Black LEDs, Black Quartz sports a high contrast ratio and wide color gamut. High-performance processing cards include functionalities like natural true color, low latency, module calibration, edge correction, HDR10, and high grey scales on low brightness. The detachable quick lock is a great new feature on the Black Quartz series.


The BQ6 is probably our best product until now. The BQ6 has stunning colors, a deep black finish, and is capable of 5800 nits brightness; it simply blows you away, comments Roelof Bouwman, Managing Director for ROE Visual Europe.


Ruby RB2.6

ROE Visual has added new family members to the successful Ruby platform; the Ruby RB2.6 and RB2.6-C. The Ruby LED panels offer outstanding visual performance in a fine pixel pitch. Sporting advanced driver ICs and LEDs with large color space, Ruby is fully HDR adaptive.

Adding excellent color depth and great grayscales to your visuals, Ruby offers precision imagery, showing black in endless scales and fluent gradients. Innovative common cathode technology significantly reduces the panel temperature,resulting in efficient heat dissipation, reduced color differences, higher brightness, and reduced power consumption by 20-25%.

 Roe Visual PS 2 HI


The Ruby-C

Ruby-C offers all the qualities of the Ruby series in a curving LED panel. Ruby-C creates smooth and perfect curved LED displays due to its significant curving ability, creating seamless curves from -30 to +30 degrees in 11 tiny steps to guarantee a smooth and even look. The Ruby-C can be combined with the regular Ruby panels.

Roe Visual PS 3 HI 


Ruby 1.9BV2

The Ruby RB1.9BV2 benefits working with an LED volume in any broadcast or film studio environment. High refresh rates, powerful driver ICs, and optimized multiplexing guarantee optimized on-camera behavior. The Ruby RB1.9BV2 is a robust LED panel with a high-contrast black LED. The 1.9 -pixel pitch and wide color gamut create brilliant visuals.

Ruby RB1.9Bv2 offers a high-contrast LED panel with a reduced reflection that pairs with a bit depth of 16bit. It has a refresh rate of 7860Hz and a scan ratio of 1/8.

Roe Visual PS 4 HI

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