Transform your visual communication with YES TECH's high-performance LED displays

The manufacturer Yestech offers us: "Are you in search of high-quality LED displays that can cater to both indoor and outdoor events, with a sturdy structure for easy maintenance? Look no further than YES TECH’s MG7S and Mnano II Series LED displays!"

MG7S is built with versatility in mind, capable of being used as indoor and outdoor displays, as well as dance floor. With the ability to load up to 3.3 tons, these displays can cater to a wide range of events, no matter how large or small.

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  Serie MG7S - Modular Design
  Mnano Ⅱ   

Además, el empuje mejorado de la lámpara garantiza imágenes claras y brillantes que pueden captar la atención de cualquier audiencia. El diseño estructurado también garantiza un mantenimiento más rápido y sencillo, para que pueda mantener sus pantallas con el mejor aspecto sin problemas.

Para aquellos que buscan claridad y resolución incomparables, la pantalla LED Mnano II es la elección perfecta. Utilizando la tecnología flip-flop COB avanzada, las pantallas no tienen diferencia de lote, lo que garantiza los colores más naturales y vivos.


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No Batch Differences Mnano II New Cabinent

 Additionally, the improved lamp bead thrust ensures bright and clear visuals that are able to capture the attention of any audience. The structured design also ensures faster and easier maintenance, so you can keep your displays looking their best without any hassle.

For those seeking unparalleled clarity and resolution, our Mnano II LED display is the perfect choice. Using advanced COB flip-flop technology, the displays have no batch difference, ensuring the most natural and vivid colors.

With UHD 8K resolution, the images on Mnano II displays come to life with a high sense of reality that will leave your audience with a surprising experience.

Come to learn more about Yestech innovative LED displays at our booth 1111. Their team will answer any questions you may have and to help you choose the perfect display for your event. Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your events with YES TECH’s top-of-the-line LED displays.


Photo 1. Cadillac launch event.

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