A console for both DMX devices and pyros

We at SHOWVEN know how hard it is to create a show comprising several special effects and pyros. Currently, due to the lack of specialized console to control special effects device, lot of technicians use lighting console to firing the FX device.

The good thing is that those lighting console can control multi special effects device simultaneously, while the drawback is also obvious, that is those lighting console are specially designed for the control of lighting, and lack of safety designs.

As we all know some special effects such as flamers, they are pretty dangerous if not handled in the right way. As an innovation driven special effects solution supplier, we have just made this safer and easier for you.


The FXcommander is designed to be a professional while intuitive control solution for SFX and Pyro engineer, it allows to control all DMX device such as SPARKULAR, FLAMER, FOG, HAZE, CONFETTI blower together in a safe and professional way. The whole system is composed of FXcommander, FXcommander_Editor computer software, PyroSlave and PyroAdaptor.


With the physical buttons DMX ARM, PYRO ARM, PANIC and Deadman ensure maximum safety when operating special effects and pyros. For wireless pyro we equipped with dual band frequency communication schemes to assure a save, fast and robust transmission. The FXcommander is setting the safety standard for the special effects and pyro control.

Take advantage of the 10.1 inch capacitance touch screen and powerful software system, as well as built-in device lib, it allows FX operators edit a show in a few minutes. Besides the built-in SHOWVEN FX gear lib, operators can also define their own device in the user lib. Everything in the system are intuitively designed, operators can easily get started even with no lighting console operation background.

For better sync with music, FXcommander equipped with MIDI input, LTC input, Audio Output etc. functions. Together with our professional computer software FXcommander_Editor, large scale shows with special effects and fireworks can be sync with music precisely.

Together with our original slaves PyroSlave and PyroAdaptor, this system can firing pyros both wired or wireless. Wireless mode with dual band antennas communicate simultaneously, preventing signal interference on a single frequency band. The 2-wire PBUS technology used in wired communication can realize power supply while communicating, ensure continuous working. Besides, in order to adapt various complicated on-site application environment, PyroSlave X16 equipped with pyro bridge functions to achieve versatile communication modes.

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