Significant upgrade for Showtec LAMPY with software update and Re-Load 4

Showtec announces that a major software upgrade is now available for their LAMPY DMX consoles, significantly improving and extending their functionality.


The new V2 software promises MultiCell capabilities, a completely redesigned and improved user interface, a CIE colour picker, normally only found on much higher-end consoles, and much more. The new Showtec LAMPY Re-Load 4 is an expansion kit that adds 4 universes to any LAMPY V2.


highlite lampy 1 HI

The LAMPY V2 software promises a whole host of new features and improvements. The most significant upgrade is the addition of MultiCell capabilities, an important and handy feature when programming LED pixel bars or a complex show, for example. It allows you to easily manipulate multiple identical values within a fixture at the same time.

To handle MultiCell, a new Fixture Editor is included in the new V2 software. Another new feature, borrowed from consoles above LAMPY’s target market, is the new CIE Color Picker tool. This tool allows the colour of calibrated fixtures to be set very accurately and intuitively. The xy colour mixing makes colour conversion for fixtures with up to 7 LED colours a breeze and puts professional colour selection right at the user’s fingertips.

highlite lampy 5 HI

Virtual Dimmer and Virtual Strobe functions have also been added to the new V2 software. These allow the programming of shows with dimming and strobe effects, even if the fixtures do not have hardware support for these effects. A new AtlaBase MultiCell library has been added, proportional ranges can be used, and the internal screen is now multi-touch capable, allowing multiple Virtual Executors to be controlled simultaneously or, for example, three fingers to move RGB sliders together on the screen. This even works on older LAMPY consoles!

Now, with the MultiCell capabilities, the number of DMX channels required very quickly exceeds 512 or even 1024. Showtec’s engineers foresaw this problem and quickly came up with the solution: the new LAMPY Re-Load 4 expansion kit. This piece of hardware connects to any LAMPY with the new V2 software installed and gives it an additional 4 universes, or 2048 channels, available via four 3 and 5-pin XLR connectors, or via Art-Net/sACN if your LAMPY has these enabled.

highlite lampy 3 HI


To streamline the new features, LAMPY’s user interface has been completely rewritten from the ground up. Still recognisable to long-time LAMPY users, but with improved functionalities and representations of data and parameters. Any LAMPY DMX console can be upgraded with the new software, so all LAMPY users can benefit from the extended possibilities.


highlite lampy 4 HI

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