Sevilla Tower transformed by Showtec

The Torre Sevilla in Seville, Spain is the tallest building in the Andalusia region and since Andalusia Day on 28th February, it has hosted a spectacular light show daily. PlanB, creators of the show, enlisted BGL to install the light fixtures that were supplied by EQC.

Thanks to the height of the Torre Sevilla, the light show can be seen throughout Seville. The light show illuminates the top of the building with constantly changing colours and patterns to create a fantastic visual spectacle.

Showtec Torre Sevilla 2 HI


At just over 180 metres high, one can only assume that BGL, the company who installed the light fixtures, have a team who are not scared of heights! They were supplied by EQC who provided a total of 300 Showtec Cameleon Bar 16 outdoor light bars to fulfill the vision of PlanB.


The Cameleon Bar 16 is part of Showtec’s Cameleon series that also includes floodlights and spotlights that are all capable of producing everything from subtle pastels to bright, punchy colours and pure whites. That makes them perfect for colour-mixing and illuminating objects indoors or outdoors, thanks to their IP65 rating. With 16 LEDs per bar and dimmer and strobe functions on board, the Cameleon Bar 16 was the perfect fixture for this project.

While buildings like the Torre Sevilla are impressive in their own right, adding innovative light fixtures like the Showtec Cameleon can transform how they look.

Showtec Torre Sevilla 3 HI

Images by Torre Sevilla and Juan Flores

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