DAS Audio launches first portable column system

DAS Audio launches the Altea-DUO 10A and 20A systems to join the family of Altea Series portable systems. With these new additions, the brand is committed to creating a universe of portable solutions within the DAS Audio catalog.


Altea-DUO 10A and 20A are portable column systems with high quality finishes packaged with subwoofer and three detachable pieces injected in ABS plastic. On the other hand, the Altea-DUO-20A subwoofer is made of birch plywood with an ISO-flex finish for greater durability.


This three-piece system plus subwoofer greatly facilitates both transport -ergonomically designed handles enhance portability- and installation. The system can be installed and packed up quickly in three easy steps and is ready to be transported unaided. It also offers a wide variety of accessories that simplify user operation.

Available in black and white, the new Altea-DUO integrates seamlessly in all types of environments. The compact design optimizes weight without sacrificing sonic quality or power, with a total weight of 18.5kg/40.7 lb and 27kg/59.4 lb respectively, making them the perfect choice for DJs, conferences, live music, corporate events, etc.

The Altea-DUO are powered 3-way systems- a distinctive feature in this market segment – with FIR processing, which helps achieve remarkable intelligibility. In terms of SPL, the Altea-DUO-10A delivers 124dB and the Altea-DUO-20A, 127dB peak.


The Altea-DUO-10A and 20A tops are located at 2m and 2. 10m respectively. For midrange reproduction, they incorporate 3″ speakers with neodymium drivers which provide an extra degree of lightness to the system. For the high frequencies, a 1″ neodymium compression driver coupled to a 100º x 50º horn provides uniform directivity control in the horizontal plane over the high frequency spectrum (f>2500Hz), resulting in bright and defined high tones. The 10″ loudspeaker specifically designed for low frequency reproduction has been developed to achieve very low levels of distortion thanks to the powerful magnetic assembly and the design of the cone suspension with high displacement capacity.

Altea-DUO-10A utilizes a 1″ compression driver, 2x 3″ speakers and a 10″ speaker, while Altea-DUO-20A utilizes a 1″compression driver, 4x 3″ speakers and 2x 10″ speakers; two different models that can cover a wide variety of needs. Both systems have 2-channel class D amplifiers and 1000Wpeak and 2000Wpeak universal power supply for Altea-DUO-10A and 20A respectively, providing all the power and dynamic for the purposes for which they have been designed.

As in the Altea 700 systems, the DASlink GM App is also available for these portable column systems, offering the possibility to send audio wirelessly, control, monitor and group systems from mobile devices. The DSP incorporates technology present in the Altea and Vantec series, like DAScontrol with LCD display and rotary-knob for selection of acoustic presets and access to other configurable options in the menu, such as delay or subwoofer volume control.

The mixer incorporates two independent mic/line inputs with gain settings, plus a third instrument input for connecting keyboards, bass guitars or guitars. It also incorporates an output connection via cable to share the audio mix and add more Altea-DUO systems to the configuration.

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