Unilumin’s URMIII LED display is available on promotion

Unilumin’s URMIII is an award-winning LED display available in a wide selection of pixel pitch, including P2.6, P2.9, P3.9, and P4.8. The innovative design for creative applications has singled it out for awards and made it the recipient of the Red Dot Award as well as the Design for Asia Gold and Grand Awards.

The ease of use of URMIII sets it apart. Its smooth three-step installation design enables true single-person installation. The sure-fire and automatic click lock mechanism bestows complete confidence that the panel is secured and locked in the correct position, making the installation process easy and assuring.

Simplicity is not exclusive to the installation. URMIII adopts Pinch ‘n’ Go module design, which also assures fast and easy maintenance. It enables quick release of modules and makes repositioning straightforward and precise, with the pull-back system conveniently slotting the modules back into their original positions and total flatness assured. This function vastly improves the efficiency of screen maintenance.

Unilumin URM 2 HI

Designed for frequent assembly and disassembly rental occasions, URMIII features comprehensive protection to avoid accidental impact. The Flip-Shield pops up and over to protect the lamp face and module corners, effectively safeguarding the display in a three-dimensional way.


As the ultimate tool in your LED design kit, URMIII is your great design partner. Capable of creative installation in many modes, such as perfect 90° corners, smooth curves, and so on, URMIII is an ideal carrier for your unlimited creativity.


Especially the curves, in any direction, concave or convex, URMIII will bend to your needs. From -10-degree to 10-degree angles, the depth of the curve is easily achievable across a full display and individually adjustable for a custom build experience.

Featuring all the above user-friendly designs, URMIII can meet the demands of various application scenarios, being an ideal choice for your rental inventory. From indoor to outdoor use, from exhibitions to live events, and from TV broadcasts to conferences, URMIII can add dramatic impact for rental situations, whether as the backdrop of a television studio or at the back of the main stage of a show, etc. It can instantly switch from Day Mode to Night Mode with no interruption to service, and ABS technology quickly solves individual module issues; URMIII seamlessly augments the viewing experience.

 Exhibition  Broadcast
Unilumin URM 3 HI Unilumin URM 4 HI
 Conference  La Nit d'Alexia
Unilumin URM 5 HI   Unilumin URM 8 HI


2023 Hong Kong Clockenflap Concert

Its outstanding performance is proven at such events as Hong Kong’s Clockenflap Music and Arts Festival, the vast outdoor festival for locals and families that has won international acclaim, and on television with such shows as ‘La Nit d’Alexia’, which follows Barca football captain, Alexia Putellas and debates the role of women in the world of sport.

Unilumin URM 6 HI     Unilumin URM 7 HI

Photo2. Juan Luis Guerra 'Entre Mar y Palmeras' tour concert in Bogotá, Colombia




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