Innovative Absen LED displays will wow attendees at InfoComm 2023

InfoComm 2023 brings together industry professionals, innovators, and thought leaders to explore the latest advancements and trends in audiovisual technology, digital signage, collaboration tools, and Absen will present. 


As a trusted player in the industry, Absen is excited to showcase its cutting-edge solutions and engage with industry experts and attendees at this highly anticipated event.


During InfoComm 2023, attendees will have the opportunity to visit Absen's booth #3729, where they can experience firsthand our latest products and solutions. Our team of experts will be on-site, ready to provide live demonstrations, answer questions, and offer insights into how our offerings can help businesses achieve their communication and collaboration goals.

Absen will be showcasing an impressive lineup of its top-performing products across various product lines, including:

  • Data Visualization: Absen's LED displays for data visualization provide exceptional clarity and detail, empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions with ease.
  • Virtual Production: With Absen's cutting-edge LED solutions for virtual production, directors and creators can directly see the filming environment, immerse actors in the scene, and save time and energy.
  • Live Production: With a commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for live events, Absen offers a comprehensive range of rental and stage LED products. These products have been designed to meet the demanding requirements of live productions, ensuring stunning visuals and unforgettable experiences.
  • Commercial Display: Absen's commercial display solutions offer high-quality and versatile LED panels that are perfect for retail spaces, corporate environments, and public venues.
  • Absen iCon: The Absen iCon series delivers innovative LED solutions for the ultimate meeting experience. This revolutionary all-in-one LED screen for conferencing helps users better facilitate presentations, brainstorming, and decision-making.


Absen Infocomm 2 HI   Absen Infocomm 3 HI


At Absen’s booth, there will be a dedicated hands-on interactive area featuring some of our most sought-after LED solutions, including the Polaris (PL V10), Mars (MR), Venus (VN), and Jupiter (JP) series. These displays offer exceptional performance, stunning image quality, and robust reliability for a wide range of applications.


InfoComm 2023 provides a fantastic platform for us to connect with industry professionals and showcase our latest LED innovations. We are proud to demonstrate our commitment to delivering cutting-edge products that empower businesses and enhance visual experiences. We look forward to engaging with attendees, sharing our expertise, and forging valuable partnerships, said Stephanie Carten, Marketing Manager at Absen. 



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