The new GoVision project features a digiLED VISION ULTRA screen

Bigger in size, better in visual quality, digiLED VISION ULTRA panels deliver it all to this colossal installation at one of the United States’ largest sports facilities.

Due to be unveiled at the end of September, the new Big Hoss TV, a GoVision project featuring a digiLED VISION ULTRA screen, will deliver a significantly bigger, brighter experience for fans at Texas Motor Speedway, in Fort Worth, Texas. Owned by US leading sponsor Speedway Motorsports LLC, the venue is one of the country’s largest sports facilities.

The screen replaces the original, Guinness World Record winning, Big Hoss TV which has graced the venue since 2014. The new and improved screen, sited on the backstretch of the track, measures a massive 22,692 square feet, the equivalent of 4,331 42” TVs, and with over 8.2 million pixels, boasts an incredible 22% rise in pixel count, one of the largest screens in the world.

“As the saying goes, ‘everything is bigger in Texas’, so it’s only fitting for Big Hoss to get bigger”, says Speedway Motorsports President and CEO Marcus Smith.

Whilst the size of the screen is substantially larger, there is no compromise on image quality. digiLED’s VISION ULTRA panels deliver unrivalled brightness at an impressive 8500 nits, a refresh rate of up to 7680Hz to work in harmony with professional camera systems and deliver smooth rendering of all the action, and incredible contrast thanks to matte black masks on the front panels. And, to ensure a perfectly seamless screen, the panels are expertly engineered to the highest tolerance.

The project continues the partnership between the Argyle-based GoVision and digiLED for Speedway Motorsports, the first being the aptly named Colossus at Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee, an 8,684 square foot digiLED Toura 6mm LED screen installed in 2016, and still the world’s largest, permanent outdoor centre-hung display.


Motor racing fans loved award winning digiLED centre hung gondola that GoVision installed at Bristol Motor Speedway. Texas is going to be twice as big! We are really excited. Working with the team at GoVision is always a pleasure, and enormous projects like Texas really get our pulses racing. This is why we do what we do!, says digiLED CEO, Graham Burgess. 


“GoVision has been a valuable partner over the years”, adds TMS Executive Vice President and General Manager, Mark Faber. “We certainly appreciate their efforts in installing the new screen in time for our NASCAR Playoff weekend and the new screen will certainly create the impact we were looking for”.


GoVision is proud to provide this great upgrade to Big Hoss TV. Our long-term partnership with digiLED allows our customers access to the best LED products in the world, and for us to deliver the finest solutions and service offerings in the marketplace. This combination truly makes for an unrivalled experience that our great partners at Speedway Motorsports deserve, concludes GoVision’s Founder and Chairman Chris Curtis.


The new screen, which debuts at the Autotrader EchoPark Automotive 400 NASCAR Playoff, will also delight fans at other events at Texas Motor Speedway, such as INDYCAR, GoodGuys, Gift of Lights, concerts and track rental events.

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