The nightclub 'Trio 2' brings DAS Audio sound to Charlotte

Charlotte’s downtown is, like many modern cities, undergoing something of a renaissance, with urban renewal bringing in a new and younger demographic eager to live and socialize in the vibe of city life.

None of this was lost on entrepreneur and club owner Eric Gussin, a world traveler whose Trio nightclub in Charleston, South Carolina was enjoying a reputation among locals and visitors as one of that city’s hot spots.


Charlotte is a great city with a thriving nightlife and dance music community, but they’ve really not had a place to dance until now, says Gussin, who is bringing Trio Charleston’s vibe to the much larger Charlotte venue. 



Including state-of-the-art lighting from Michael Meacham of idesign Productions and powerful, earth-shaking sound courtesy of E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio.


Designed by DAS Audio Hospitality and Nightclub National Sales Manager John Fiorito with equipment provided by Randy White of Washington Music Center and installed by Guillermo "Willy" Rodriguez of Willy-Tech Services, the system includes eight ES-158 three-way 15-inch full-range systems, augmented by eight DAS Audio ARTEC 326 two-way dual 6-inch systems and four ARTEC 310.96 two-way 10-inch systems. Powerful bottom end is amply handled by six ES-221 dual 21-inch subwoofers and a pair of ES-212 compact dual 12-inch subs. Eight DECO-6-TB coaxial 6- inch ceiling speakers cover the peripheral areas. Power is handled by four EP-10K4 4-channel 2100w amps, six EP-14K4-blue 2-channel 4400w amps, one P-2K4 4-channel 600w amp and one EP-6K4 4-channel 1200w amp. The system was tuned by Geovanni Ortiz of the DAS Audio Applications team, further exemplifying DAS Audio's dedication to maintaining the highest standards of audio performance and customer satisfaction.

As Gussin explains, their previous experience with E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio made the decision easy. “We were the first installation of E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio in Charleston, and we love that system. The Charlotte club is a larger space, so it made sense to do the same thing and just get a bigger system”.

Das Audio Trio 2 HI   Das Audio Trio 1 HI


Response from artists and guests alike has been overwhelmingly positive, reports Angelo Villaraut, the club’s head DJ.


The sound is amazing – you can feel it, but it’s not hurting you. You can still talk to the person next to you. It’s one of the best sound systems I’ve ever heard.


Gussin agrees. “We’re able to bring high-profile artists in, and they’re always impressed to find such a high caliber of equipment here. We wanted that wow factor, and we definitely got it”.

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