K-array sets the mood for 3am Room at Chelsea’s Wow!house design centre

In the realm of advanced audio technology, one company stands out for its commitment to exceptional sound quality and innovative design: Cornflake. With its origins rooted in the 1980s retail hi-fi boom, the award- winning Fitzrovia- based home automation and home cinema specialist is renowned for undisputed expertise in high-end audio solutions.

Cornflake recently undertook an exciting installation project for Maddux Creative X Fromental at the prestigious WOW!house design centre located in Chelsea Harbour, a collaboration of skilled designers, craftspeople and specialist suppliers including Altfield, Charles Burnand, ecoScent, George Smith, Illuminationworks, K-array, Lutron, Optelma, Pierre Frey, Tom Faulkner, The Royal School of Needlework, and 2B Heard, who between them have created one of the most striking and innovative exhibits at the month-long event, dubbed the 3am Room.


The sonic focus of this project was the integration of K-array's miniature Lyzard loudspeakers, which brought a new dimension of audio excellence and a relaxing sonic backdrop to the outstanding exhibit.



K Array Cornflake 5 HI   K Array Cornflake 6 HI



We had been speaking with Maddux for some time and had been looking for a project to work together on for a while. This was a really good opportunity to showcase the benefits of technology in unique spaces; emphasising high- performance, functional, engaging and highly-usable tech that blends into its surroundings effortlessly, encouraging visitors to feel, hear and sense their way through the room and go beyond just seeing. The objective was to create a space that is naturally engaging and one that inspires curiosity. It’s a good example of what we could do in a very short time frame in a complex environment where the budget constraints were maximal, and how we can be agile and flexible in this kind of process, commented Cornflake design director Ben Rodrick.


Maddux can boast considerable trade show experience of this type and had watched the WOW!house exhibits carefully over the last few years. As designers their speciality is to be different, to be unique, and to make a statement architecturally and from an interior design perspective. At WOW!house there are numerous rooms naturally competing for the same space, all trying to create a real wow factor and a jaw-dropping experience. Consequently, it was decided to introduce an additional dimension – that of sound – to further elevate the user experience beyond just the lighting, tactile textures, and automated scenting systems, triggering as many senses as possible.

The intention behind interior designer Maddux’s 3am Room was to create a utopian environment to foster human connection, conversation and community. It’s all about bringing people together, a conversational room centred around the Cuddle Puddle – two low curved bespoke George Smith sofas creating a comfortable conversational pit – with walls adorned with reflective surfaces for a unique perspective, and a densely textured wall featuring a cabinet of curiosities to explore. The room is illuminated with strategically placed lighting fixtures, accentuated with objects, free forms and a starburst of light, and bathed with relaxing sounds from the most discreet speakers imaginable from K-array. The 3am Room is a place of wonder, a place to start (or end) the day with a sense of freedom and possibility.

K Array Cornflake 1 HI   K Array Cornflake 2 HI


The all-encompassing sound system is elegantly simple: four Lyzard-KZ14 ultra-micro line array speakers almost invisibly cover the room from each corner, mounted on custom gimbal brackets that allow optimum aiming angles to be easily set. The KZ14’s four high efficiency drive units are housed in a milled aluminium enclosure measuring just 10 x 2.2 x 1.1cm and weighing only 59gm, and cross over to the concealed Rumble-KU44 subwoofer at 500Hz, providing full range audio over a dispersion pattern of 140° horizontal by 40° vertical. Two are finished in white; the other two in black, chosen to disappear into the polarised room design. The speakers are powered by a Kommander-KA02 amplifier which has all the DSP presets for optimum performance straight out of the box.


We were in at the deep end a little on this project in terms of the sheer numbers of trades involved, all of whom naturally wanted to get their stuff in first, and with only a limited time window to get it all done. However, Matt Holland from 2B Heard had come down to our offices in advance to set up all the source equipment and do a pre-test and that really helped with logistics, so when we got on site we had the reassurance of a performance benchmark that meant all we had to do was wire up and commission it. It was a basic project management challenge really, but the team were awesome and the set up was flawless. The clients’ first reaction when we showed them the KZ14s was: ‘are you sure?’ but when the system was set up and turned on any doubts over what, given their size, they might sound like soon disappeared and they were suitably impressed. It just elevated that space in a way that we’d all hoped for and planned for.


Jo leGleud, co-founder of Maddux Creative X Fromental, emphasised the pivotal role that the audio system played in bringing the space to life: “Despite the small size of the speakers, we were all blown away by their audio performance and the sound quality they delivered. The attention to detail and precision in K-array's design truly enhanced the immersive experience, creating a soundscape that enveloped visitors and elevated their journey – the meticulous engineering behind these speakers brought an unparalleled level of clarity, depth, and richness to the space, leaving visitors astounded by the sonic landscape. Beyond the auditory delight, the aesthetics of the speakers were a testament to refined elegance. Their sleek design seamlessly integrated into the space, adding a touch of sophistication without compromising on functionality. Cornflake’s discreet and neat installation only enhanced the immersive experience, ensuring that every element in the room worked harmoniously to captivate and inspire”.

K Array Cornflake 4 HI   K Array Cornflake 7 HI


“K-array was a great choice for this project because of the full range capability from the satellite speakers matched with the subwoofer”, said Rodrick. “The satellite speakers are incredibly compact which gave us lots of flexibility within the design process, and that steered us towards K- array. In terms of audio quality and the distribution of sound, it just ticked so many boxes that most CI products just wouldn't be able to do”.

“The extraordinary journey we undertook with Cornflake for WOW!house was truly a testament to collaborative design-led excellence”, enthused LeGleud. “From the initial concept to the meticulous development process, installation and commissioning, our partnership showcased the power of creativity and flexibility which allowed us to push boundaries and create a multi-sensory immersive environment. Our emphasis on user experience ensured that every aspect was carefully crafted to captivate and engage visitors, utilizing cutting-edge technology to transport them into a world of wonder”.

Rodrick explained the team’s fast-growing acceptance of K-array’s unique attributes: “We’ve been familiar with the K-array brand for a number of years, and as we’ve started transitioning into more hospitality work K- array is becoming more of a focus for us. It’s so well suited to the sort of very high-end hotel environments where you need really good sound quality and great distribution of sound".


If I was to pick out K-array’s outstanding features I would say it’s installer friendly, and by that I mean not only set up and commissioning but also the actual installation of the speakers. There was a fair amount of flexibility in terms of where we could mount them, and the reassuring factor that we had the confidence they would sound great before we had even set them up was overwhelmingly positive. In an environment you’re not so sure about it’s good to know that when you plug that speaker in you already have a basic EQ that’s 95% of the way there and the rest of it is just real fine tuning, that’s something that’s really positive and also really cost efficient, concludes Rodrick. 


K-array Equipment List

  • 2 x Lyzard-KZ14 10cm line arrays, white
  • 2 x Lyzard-KZ14 10cm line arrays, black
  • 1 x Rumble-KU44 subwoofer
  • 1 x Kommander-KA02 DSP amplifier

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