Alcons equips Disney Screening Room

WDSMP Munich AlconsWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Germany GmbH in Munich chose an Alcons pro-ribbon cinema sound system for its in-house screening room. With Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Germany GmbH (Disney Germany), one of the world's leading companies in the film industry decided for an Alcons cinema sound system. For the in-house screening room, an Alcons CR1 system with subwoofer, surrounds and processing-amplification was acquired.

In the Munich screening room, all German-spoken trailers and German dubbed film versions, mixes and DCP QC of all Disney movie versions are inspected for final approval. In order to assess the quality of a cinema film sound reliably, of course, a sound system is required that meets the highest demands. In addition, new digital cinema technologies put additional demands on sound cinema in general, and to the in-house film screenings of production companies in particular. zweiB, the Munich-based provider of digital cinema systems, event technology and media production, has been supporting Disney Germany for many years and had previously installed digital cinema projectors in the screening room, among others. Accordingly, the company was also commissioned with the refurbishment of the cinema sound.

Tammo Buhren, CEO of zweiB, knows about the special quality of Alcons’ cinema sound systems and issued a relevant recommendation: "In my opinion, the use of pro-ribbon speaker technology behind the screen is a gigantic thing. I was convinced from the beginning that Alcons would be the ideal solution for this project. At Disney Germany main focus is to check the quality of the film sound and possibly verify defects therein. The Alcons system with its high-resolution, direct and clearly perceived sound image convinces. " Disney Germany relied on the recommendation of the technical service provider and opted for the purchase of the Alcons system. Installed were 3x Alcons CR1 screen speaker system, each fitted with 1x 12 " woofer, 1x 6.5" mid-range and Alcons’proprietary RBN401 4” pro-ribbon tweeter.

Especially in smaller rooms, this ultra-compact system shines, with its flat design of only 18 centimeters deep and an indescribably exact performance with uncompressed sound at the highest sound pressure levels. The system is complemented with a CB181 18” subwoofer with only 27.5 centimeters also a shallow design. All systems are driven by the new Alcons Sentinel3, 4-channel DSP class D amplified loudspeaker controller. For surround sound 6x Alcons CCS8 (1" driver with 8" woofer in a coaxial configuration) are used. With this configuration the room is also prepared for future installation of Dolby Atmos. "The benefits of pro-ribbon technology are clearly audible, especially behind the screen, where you need plenty of headroom for a clean sound reproduction, especially at high frequencies," said Tammo Buhren. "Here the strengths of Alcons are hard to miss. For me, Alcons currently offers the best products in the field of cinema sound. "

Carsten Albrecht (Sales & Technical Support) of Alcons Germany adds: "We are very proud that we were able to convince Disney Germany of our cinema sound system. With our multiple-patented pro-ribbon speaker technology and 96kHz DSP class D amplifiers, Alcons provides the exceptionally high quality, which is required in a reference screening room. In order to assess the sound quality of a film on a professional level, the sound system has to guarantee a very high resolution and an uncompressed, undistorted sound reproduction. Here Alcons delivers spot-on." For more information, visit or Alcons background information; Alcons Audio is a Dutch manufacturer of professional sound systems for quality-conscious clients in the cinema, installation and rental/touring industry. The Alcons Audio team continuously strives for obtaining the most natural possible sound reproduction at any SPL with utmost day-to-day consistency and reliability.

This is achieved through a tameless curiosity combined with a fearless drive to develop and implement unconventional technologies and techniques. Alcons’ multiple-patented high-power pro-ribbon technology is just one example. Recent Cinema ambassadors include: Lucasfilm Singapore, Walt Disney Germany, Factory Post UK, Berlinale Palast Berlin Germany, Eye Filminstitute The Netherlands, NBCUniversal Pictures, Savannah Film Festival USA, Pathé Tuschinski Amsterdam, Deluxe Digital studios, Cinemaxx cinema Mannheim Germany, JT cinemas The Netherlands, QFX cinemas Nepal. 

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