Axiom, Ease focus GLL 3.0

Proel has announced a new release of the GLL data file for the EASE Focus 2 acoustic simulation software for use with its Axiom professional line array loudspeakers and subwoofers. This latest release includes data for the new SW36FX high power double 18-inch flyable subwoofer, with configuration presets for AX2010 line arrays plus SW36FX subwoofers.

It also includes general performance improvements for the compact AX2065 line array and SW215 subwoofer. "Customers are encouraged to download and update their EASE Focus 2 as a matter of course in order to obtain the better simulations that can be achieved with this 3.0 GLL release," says R&D manager Nicola Zavatta. "We've now included data for the new SW36XF subwoofer, which uses the innovative 4" Tetracoil to give the equivalent output of a single 6" voice coil and provide higher SPL from a flown subwoofer in the same sized package."

The new GLL file is available as a free download from the Axiom website, and can be implemented in two ways: either by simply importing the new GLL file into an existing EASE Focus 2 setup, or by re-installing the entire software plus data file package that is contained in the download. 

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