ZENIT W600: Outdoor LED Wash Light

ZENIT W600, Cameo, SnapMag

Equipped with a total of forty 15 W RGBW Cree LEDs for a massive 21,000 lm output, the Cameo ZENIT W600 is a powerful IP65 rated wash light for demanding outdoor applications. In addition to RDM and standard DMX capability it boasts a built-in 2.4 GHz W-DMX™ transceiver by Wireless Solution Sweden AB for convenient wireless control.

The fixture also provides a rich variety of stunning automated programs for standalone or wireless master-and-slave operation.
For maximum versatility, the ZENIT® W600 sports Cameo's innovative SnapMag® technology. It allows you to add filter frames in less than a second without the need for tools or dismantling. Magnetic SnapMag® frames with precision light sh3ping diffusers providing 3 choice of 25°, 45°, 100° or elliptic3l 60° x 10° beam angles and a 4-way barn door are available as dedicated accessories.
Featuring advanced 16-bit technology for high-resolution colour mixing and dimming and an 18° beam spread, the ZENIT® W600 projects hugely intense, uniform washes. With colour temperature and individual LED colour correction, four selectable dimming curves and fully adjustable halogen lamp-like dimming response, the fixture is the perfect tool for highly professional lighting.
The ZENIT® W600's die cast aluminium housing integrates three temperature controlled fans that ensure optimized, low noise operation while a bright OLED display with four touch buttons permits easy, intuitive configuration. A security lock prevents unauthorized access to the luminaire's menu settings.

  • 40 x 15 W RGBW CREE LEDs with 21,000 lm total output for uniform and powerful colour mixin.
  • Optional magnetic SnapMag® filter frames with innovative light shaping diffusers available offering an additional choice of circular 25°, 45° or 100° and elliptical 60° x 10° beam angles for extra versatility.
  • Built-in 2.4 GHz W-DMX™ transceiver.
  • Wireless master & slave funciton, stanard DMX, RDM (via DMX and W- DMX™) plus stand alone modes.
  • IP65 rating for outdoor use.
  • Temperature controlled fan for optimized and low noise operation.
  • 16-bit technology for high-resolution colours and dimming.
  • Colour temperature and individual LED colour correction.
  • Four ultra smooth dimming curves and adjustable halogen lamp-like dimming response.
  • OLED display with four touch buttons for easy configuration.
  • Security lock against unauthorized menu access.

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