Clay Paky AXCOR 300 on Teatro Circo Murcia with MiraDigital

The AXCOR Beam 300 and the AXCOR Spot 300 where the chosen ones for the lighting designers to complete the technical lighting on Teatro Circo Murcia, in Spain. This is a medium indoor space specialized on live music events and requires great power, silent fixtures and maximum possibilities.

Mira Digital has been the company in charge of the lighting work in Teatro Circo Murcia, working only with the most qualified equipment’s such as Clay Paky fixtures. They have made a special video showing how AXCOR 300 can make the difference on a stage.

AXCOR 300 is an extremely compact and lightweight line of products including the AXCOR Spot 300, AXCOR Beam 300 and AXCOR Wash 300. It has been created to match the lighting needs of indoor jobs and it is the perfect choice for designers who wants the maximum quality while keeping their projects on budget.

The AXCOR Beam 300 is a moving LED fixture with a extremely compact body while producing a great light output and a solid beam of 2º. Its 14 colour wheel and 17 gobos make it the perfect fixture for any type of live event.

On the other hand, the AXCOR Spot 300 has a weight of only 20Kg with the power and capabilities of bigger fixtures: rotating prism, a motorised iris, a soft edge filter, a 16-bit dimmer, and a 8º-40° zoom. All this power with a low consumption of 180W. 

Mira Digital has a wide range of material for rental of image, sound, photography and lighting aimed at professionals in the sector. In addition, it provides advice and technical support. Their stock ownership allows them to offer very competitive prices suitable for any need.

In Spain, Stonex is the official distributor of Clay Paky, among other well-known brands. As a national benchmark in professional lighting, stage engineering and emergency lighting, Stonex has over 38 years of experience offering comprehensive solutions for the show, entertainment and architectural sectors; comprising from the design, supply, installation and maintenance of scenic equipment and premium lighting.

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