DTS selects Plasa Show to present Alchemy 3 and Euphony 3

As the Italian lighting manufacturer expands its innovative product range, DTS presents two new products at PLASA 2019, dedicated to the entertainment market. The aim is to offer the right solution to any lighting project in any location.

DTS, the Italian professional lighting company, exhibiting at entertainment technology hub PLASA 2019, exclusively launch the cutting-edge Alchemy 3 and next generation Euphony 3 wash moving heads at the show.

Alchemy 3 and Euphony 3, together with the fixture already presented during this year, are the representation of the push for renewal that DTS lighting has undertaken.


After the great success of the Synergy line that has garnered worldwide acclaim, 2019 has been a year in which DTS has focused on wash products with a particular attention to the quality of light emission.


The Alchemy line is the new generation of Fresnel LED wash light. Since the launch of the Alchemy 5 at Prolight + Sound 2019, Alchemy line has been at the helm of next generation Fresnel lighting in the industry; with the Alchemy 3 being designed as a more versatile version of its’ great predecessor.

Alchemy 3 shadow 0005.CESuitable for medium to small theatres and television studios, the Alchemy 3 is a new-generation Fresnel LED wash light. Thanks to a 6-color LED engine ALCHEMY moving heads can generate a superior white light and a much broader color gamut, with pastel shades and rich warm nuances than the traditional RGBW colour synthesis.

Alchemy 3 guarantees a great zoom excursion 14.1° - 45.2 and the characteristic high luminosity with an evenly diffused and flat beam (6.600 Lumen output).

The fixture both meets and exceeds the performance demand for broadcast and theatre use, offering an impressive Colour Rendition Index up to 98 and a TLCI up to 96.

The CCT linear control from 1,800 to 10,000 K effortlessly meets any camera or production requirement and the linearly adjustable green/magenta point useful for adapting to any complexion shade, or different light sources.

Euphony 3 STAMPA CMYK 300.CEThe Euphony 3 is a compact LED wash light featuring 7 Full Color LEDs, a wide zoom (5.6°- 69°) and high efficiency optical system. EUPHONY 3 is an extremely versatile moving head suitable for uniform projections on surfaces, from wide Wash to PC Beam. Thanks to its perfect colour mixing, 16 gel filter emulations and a custom soft frost filter it can provide high standard performances.

Euphony 3 guarantees perfect linearity in the increase / attenuation of brightness of multi-chip LED sources, even at low dimming levels, without visible ‘steps’ between adjacent values thanks to the ‘Hi-Q Dimming’ technology. Furthermore, it allows to select a Standard or Silent operation mode to fully adapt at any noise requirements.

During the Plasa Show at stand W62, you could see a complete product demonstration: where a programming desk was available to let you test the products, observe technical properties and evaluate the product performance also in combination with other projectors, in order to understand the overall quality and operational capabilities for every lighting needs.

Alchemy 5 and X Brick fixtures are available for testing in the DTS booth and also at GDS on stand G20, the official DTS partner for the UK market.

Raffaella Scaccia, DTS Sales Director, declares “We are excited about the two new products, and even more if thought out within DTS's products range. Starting from the Synergy 5 Profile release in 2018, DTS has undertaken a new concept based on the high light quality. Synergy has been followed by Alchemy 5 and X Brick, and now by to Alchemy 3 and Euphony 3. I am sure that the market will appreciate the technical research made to offer optimal white and color light quality.” 

GDS Managing Director, Richard Cuthbert adds, “The quality of product that we see from DTS is outstanding and we have already received great interest from the Alchemy line so far in the entertainment hire industry. I am looking forward for our DTS Product Manager, Hallam Smith, to meet our customers and introduce them to these truly unique new products.”


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