New year, new logo, same passion for their work

DTS welcome 2020 with a new style and a full agenda of activities to celebrate the company’s 40th anniversary.

DTS, the Italian brand of high-quality lighting solutions, started 2020 by introducing a new logo: a celebration of our tradition and expertise in the lighting industry and a sign that we never stop evolving to meet our customers’ needs.

While updating our logo, the design team focused on a more modern and contemporary version reflecting the fast-changing demands of both the entertainment and architectural segments. The new logo design, a modern 3D shape, pays tribute to the old logo and to the company’s origins while also conveying the dynamic drive behind our industry-leading brand.

New logo, new corporate color

We have also updated our company color: a vibrant orange that captures the perfect balance in all our products between light and warmth, and also a color that is not easy to create with LED technology.

2020 is a big milestone in our history as this year we celebrate our 40th anniversary. Founded in 1980, DTS have evolved from a small family company into an industry leader, with three production plants and customers in more than 80 different countries.

Our evolution continues with a series of new commercial strategies and some changes in our management, with CEO Dante Latteo upholding the legacy of President Silvano Latteo. We have seen a very positive response to these developments from our customers and staff.

DTS will launch ALCHEMY 3 ceiling and EUPHONY 3 ceiling at ISE 2020, the best- attended professional AV and systems integration trade show in the world.

The first tangible result of our creative evolution will be the launch of the recessed version of ALCHEMY 3 and EUPHONY 3, two products that offer all the benefits of an LED lighting moving head for any commercial or public space, and also the first products of our architainment catalogue revolution.

Raffaella Scaccia, DTS Sales Director, says: “The renewal process undertaken by the company is now at full speed. The DTS logo transformation wants to be a strong message: the growth and development of an Italian manufacturing company adapting to the market changes, keeping high quality standards. We are really excited about the new prospects that 2020 presents to us."

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