Barix Spreads InfoComm 2016 Presence Across Two Locations

Audio over IP pioneer Barix diversifies its presence at InfoComm 2016, with two distinct exhibits to better showcase their traditional integration-focused business; and emerging music and advertising delivery services for programmers and end users.

Barix will bring greater focus to solutions that increasingly appeal to two very different audiences,” said Reto Brader, vice president of sales and marketing, Barix. “With sales of approximately 45,000 IP audio and control devices annually, our traditional business remains robust, especially with systems integrators and design engineers that customize and install LAN- and WAN-based Barix solutions to deliver live paging, background music and other audio over the network. Alternatively, our SoundScape business music and advertising solution has greater appeal to service providers and end users that manage and deliver content in the cloud. The release of SoundScape 1.1 further cements this direction.”

SoundScape 1.1, new for InfoComm 2016, represents a simplification of the management and playout process for full-length programs. Where SoundScape previously simplified the scheduling and delivery of playlists with multiple separate songs and advertisements, the new release eliminates the tedious process of editing large files into multiple segments and greatly simplifies the user workflow. This allows programmers to deliver full broadcast-quality shows reminiscent of radio programs for retail and hospitality businesses, as well as multi-hour DJ sessions that appeal to clubs and venues.

Barix and its U.S. distribution arm, LineQ, showcase the continued power and enhanced programmability of Barix IP audio and control hardware. Highlighting the Exstreamer IP audio decoder, Annuncicom two-way audio and IPAM OEM module families, Barix products provide cost- effective, professional solutions for a wide variety of audio and I/O related applications. Open programmability using Barix’s own ABCL language has long enabled system integrators to customize Audio over IP solutions to exact end user requirements in a highly cost-efficient manner. The new release of ABCL adds, among other enhancements, GPIO support for the IPAM 301 and 302 modules in control applications; AD Gain control on IPAM 102 for MP3 files; and data support for a new LCD display on the Barix Annuncicom PS16 master paging station.

Also, Barix showcases its popular Simple Paging solution, which enables zoned paging and public address across single or multiple buildings from fixed paging stations and mobile devices—the latter made possible through the Barix Simple Paging app. Ideal for schools, corporate and hospitality campuses, recent upgrades to Simple Paging include support for zoned background music distribution, as well as built-in priority ports to recognize incoming pages and emergency notification messages. 

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