The ROE Academy of ROE Visual continues online learning activities

ROE Visual announces a series of short online seminars, both instructive and interactive. The sessions will be held in both EU and US time zones offering convenience for our global network of users.

This special range offers both training on processing technology and interactive Q&A sessions. These online sessions will allow you to ask anything you need to know about LED technology, processing technology and types, bug fixing or your specific project requirements.

Lecturers Victor Kortekaas, Tim Hamberg, Mike Smith and Neil Abel are all seasoned AV technicians with a wealth of experience who will explain and clarify all the critical aspects and pitfalls of LED and processing technology.

Continuing its ROE Academy events online, ROE Visual has looked into ways to transform the ROE Academy training and other knowledge sessions into a different online training offering. “As ROE Visual we have a wealth of knowledge to share, but our challenge was to capture this and turn it into ready-made seminars. Having done several longer training events over the past months we felt a need to change this offering and turn it into short, more captivating sessions”, comments Luc Neyt, Deputy Director Sales and Service Center.

“Over the last months we have used online conferencing more than we ever thought we would. We notice it’s hard to keep up your concentration, while this is so different to the normal routine in an immersive live training. Keeping it simple, we now offer short interactive sessions, ideal to boost your knowledge on just one topic and with enough room to ask your specific questions”, continues Mike Smith, ROE Visual LED Technician.

ROE Academy – Q&A Sessions

ROE Visual offers the unique opportunity to tune in with the best and boost your LED knowledge. During several online sessions you get the chance to talk with our experts directly on all technical LED issues or on your specific project challenges.

ROE Academy – Processing Training

LED processing explained for the 3 most used processing types ROE Visual uses. In a range of online sessions on processing technology you'll be thought how to set-up and use the processors, learn tips and trick and some basic trouble shooting.

These ROE Academy sessions are open for all that want to attend, but spaces are limited to 10 participants.

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