Stage Tec AURUS platinum mobile and flexible in NEP's MusicOne audio truck

The Dutch subsidiary of NEP Group has developed a truck specifically for recording concerts and music events that offers the highest audio quality and comfort. Stage Tec supplied an AURUS platinum for the audio truck called MusicOne.

More and more artists want - and currently need - to live stream their concerts. In the Dutch market, a Music OB truck with high standards was not available until now. NEP has closed this gap with the MusicOne.

The 12-meter long and very spacious truck is equipped with a soundproof sound control room, a production suite that can be converted into a video control room, and a roof terrace that can be used for stand-ups with the event as a backdrop or as a chill-out area. The mobile sound control room can be used anywhere in the world with a connection to NEP’s centralized production platform and is suitable for any formation and genre. Good acoustics are very important for the sound engineers' work, but space in a mobile truck is always a compromise.

StageTec NEP MusicOne AURUS platinum 1A collaboration of the NEP R&D team, audio engineers and music industry professionals worked together to develop the specifications for the truck and quickly decided on the AURUS platinum from Berlin-based manufacturer of professional audio equipment Stage Tec. The 48-fader mixing console offers three internal base units for connecting ample outboard, multitrack and play-out. IP SMPTE 2110 technology integrates a NEXUS network into the broadcast IP backbone.


The NEXUS is completed with 2 mobile racks, each with 64 mic + return lines in various formats. Sharing a mobile rack pool is standard, as is multichannel 5.1.4 and 22.1


Stage Tec does not use DSP bus limiting which results in always using the full 40-bit floating point without shifting processing power to get more inputs. The result is better and consistent "clarity" when mixing a variety of sources on the bus. Stage Tec's TrueMatch inputs, with a dynamic range of 158 dB, are the absolute top-notch of currently available technology.

They do not require any analog preamplification at all, which contributes significantly to noise reduction, especially when summing many channels. Without analog signal amplification, de facto every microphone becomes a digital microphone. An advantage the NEP audio team definitely appreciates.

The MusicOne is being used successfully on a weekly basis for both concerts and television shows but also enhanced audio of Dutch Champions League matches.

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