NEP Group invests in outdoor LED panels from ROE Visual

ROE Visual announces that the NEP Group, including European businesses Faber Audiovisuals and Creative Technology, have made a significant joint investment in the new Black Quartz outdoor LED panel.

The NEP Group has taken delivery of 3,000m2, making them the largest operator of this new and high-performance outdoor LED product. This volume will create a sufficiently large rental base to provide even the largest events with premium outdoor LED screens.

Being able to supply a large batch of matched, high-quality, and mechanically optimized outdoor LED panels within the NEP group has many advantages. It allows NEP’s global live events businesses to provide multiple large and perfectly matched screens across various event sites.

Publicly launched at ISE 2020, the screens were planned to feature on events and festivals throughout Europe in 2020; COVID delayed that. However, with confirmed contracts with both Faber Audiovisuals and CT UK and strong interest from other AV rental businesses, ROE Visual pushed ahead with production.

ROE Visual NEP Group collab 1

The Black Quartz LED panels are fitted with an integrated wind-load resistant bracing system and boast a brightness of 5000 nits. Brightness is essential in outdoor situations because you want to display your visuals even in bright sunlight. The Black Quartz LED panels have excellent visual performance due to Common Cathode technology and Black LED use. Its stable and brilliant LED performance results from a significantly reduced panel temperature and efficient heat dissipation. Using Black LED with 5000 nit brightness, the Black Quartz LED panel sports a high contrast ratio and wide color gamut.


The Black Quartz panels make use of HELIOS processing. The HELIOS LED processing platform is the result of close cooperation between ROE Visual and Megapixel VR. Offering 8K processing and HDR options, the processing platform HELIOS is a bonus feature for the Black Quartz LED panels


Exclusively available for ROE Visual LED screens, a significant advantage for HELIOS is the dynamic color gamut re-targeting capabilities. LED panels no longer need to be recalibrated to enable this function.

Once mounted, the LED panels are wind-load resistant and can be used till windspeeds of 20m/sec. The LED modules, power box, and receiving card are all mounted directly on the rigid frame, creating a fully integrated LED solution offering higher precision and less weight than conventional systems. The high precision frames are fitted with pixel pitches ranging from 3.9mm to 4.6mm and have integrated edge protection. The result is a seamless LED screen with an outstanding visual performance that can be used in almost any environment.

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