CHAUVET Professional lights revival of Teatro León

Even during the toughest times, those who look forward to the future give those around them reasons to hope for better days ahead. The team involved in the restoration of Teatro León demonstrated that in convincing fashion during the pandemic.

Once one of Latin America’s cultural gems (immortals like Argentina’s Libertad Lamarque and the Mexican trio Los Panchos performed on its stage), the 93-year old theatre stood neglected and abandoned in 2019, when the Municipal GAD of Riobamba and civic groups began a project to restore it to its former glory.

CHAUVET PRO Teatro León 1

Not long afterward, the pandemic hit, disrupting all normal activities in Ecuador as it did everywhere. Never-the-less, the Riobambeños team moved ahead with the restoration project. A total of 65 architects, restorers, civil and electrical engineers and builders worked double shifts.


In December 2020, Quito-based EASA completed the installation of a new theatrical lightings system without a single case of COVID among its crew, thanks to its adherence to strict safety protocols


his spring, the hard work and dedication came to fruition when Columbian pianist Mauricio Arias-Esguerra took the stage for the first in-person concert at the revived Teatro León, premiering two works by Colombian composers, as well as Beethoven’s Quasi una fantasia (Opus 27), known also as “Moonlight Sonata” and Chopin’s piano sonata No.3 (Opus 58).

Supporting this performance and all subsequent ones was a powerful and versatile lighting rig that featured 12 Rogue R1 BeamWash, 12 COLORado2 Quad Zoom, six COLORado Batten 72X, and 12 Rogue R1X Wash fixture, all controlled through a ChamSys MQ70 console.

“It was decided to use CHAUVET Professional products due to their great technical performance and the size of their products, in accordance with the dimensions and architecture of the space, as well as their color quality and versatility," said Daniel Cueva EASA’s technical manager.

CHAUVET PRO Teatro León 2

Cueva and the EASA team installed the fixtures on three rows of poles above the stage and on two mobile side ladders. “The lights run with Chamsys MQ70 console, will provide a scenic lighting resource for the wide variety of cultural events that will take place at the Teatro León,” said Cueva. “Being a multifunctional theater, it is required to be able to perform plays, solemn acts, conferences or concerts.”

The careful attention to detail in installing the new lighting system, even under challenging circumstances is consistent with the philosophy that has guided EASA since the company started in 2001. As Cueva described it: “EASA's philosophy, given by its founders Byron Ojeda and Jenny Mosquera, is to provide the Ecuadorian market with comprehensive solutions of high technological level in the areas of acoustics, audio, lighting and scenic engineering, using our human team specialized in each of the areas we manage and alliances with the best brands worldwide.”

In the case of Teatro León, the EASA team not only offered their client an effective technical solution, they also were part of a massive undertaking that overcame one obstacle after another to provide the people of Riobamba with a ray of hope that pierced through the darkness.

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