DiGiCo names Austin Freshwater as new Managing Director

Austin Freshwater has been appointed as the next Managing Director of digital audio mixing console specialist, DiGiCo, effective immediately.

The directors of DiGiCo’s parent company, Audiotonix – which also oversees entertainment technology brands Allen & Heath, Calrec, DiGiGrid, Group One Limited, KLANG:technologies, Solid State Logic, and newly acquired Sound Devices LLC – made this decision, in part, thanks to Austin’s unprecedented performance against the unpredictable landscape of the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the past 18-months, Austin stepped up behind the scenes when the unforeseen impact on live events took hold, presenting him with a huge challenge far sooner than anyone was expecting.


Since DiGiCo formed in 2002, it has grown year-on-year and, as its 20- year milestone fast approaches, it’s still one of the youngest brands in pro audio, albeit undoubtedly one of the most aspirational


Of course, this success isn’t solely down to great products. The personality of DiGiCo as a company has truly elevated its status. Alongside growing a digital audio console business, the company has established a worldwide community that even Covid-19 couldn’t diminish.

Although Austin was the least qualified applicant when he first interviewed for DiGiCo – having cut his teeth in the video camera and soft drinks industries – both James and Helen were instantly sure enough of his character to lobby DiGiCo’s then-Chairman to hire him without delay. Approval from DiGiCo customers soon followed.

Austin can testify: “When I joined DiGiCo, I was nervous that I didn't have the technical knowledge that everyone around me had. I didn't know the products, the industry or any of the people, but it comes down to how well you’re supported.”

The strategic move will bolster confidence and allow pro audio’s most fun company to continue doing what it loves - building an iconic business while forging great friendships.

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