Chameleon Rental sets multiple moods at Migration of Souls with CHAUVET Professional

“Migration” comes from the Latin word Migrare, which means to move to a new place. Many are hoping that, despite all the obstacles put in its way, the world today is indeed moving to a new and better place through the migration of different cultures, ideas and forms of artistic expression.

Earlier this month, the Novi Sad Fair is celebrated this movement withMigration of Souls.” Held in conjunction with the city being named a European Capital of Culture for 2022, the sweeping, 11-day, multimedia event features presentations by writers and thinkers, as well as art exhibits and music and dance acts by an impressive global collection of performers.

Each day’s session concluded with a concert, and as befits the theme of the event, the roster of artist was extraordinarily eclectic, beginning with innovative Japanese experimental guitarist Miyavi, on to the Barcelona Gipsy Balkan Orchestra (a band that fuses jazz, Roma, klezmer and other types of music) and The Chalaban band, which performs Moroccan music with a central European twist, plus Original Enigma voices.

CHAUVET Pro Migration of Souls 2


Any lighting rig supporting such a diverse mix of talent had to be extremely flexible, which is precisely what Chameleon Rental delivered with help from an impressive collection of Chauvet Professional fixtures


That rig featured 28 units of the Maverick MK2 Wash and 16 of the Maverick MK1 Spot, as well as 20 Rogue R2X Beams and six Strike 4 multi-format fixtures on the main performance stage. Additionally there were 20 more Maverick MK2 Wash and 16 Rogue R3 Beam fixtures outside the concert venue for the opening night celebration (provide by Zoom Media).

Lighting designer Branislav Agarski (from ZoomMedia) and lighting engineer Mirko Unterberger and the Chameleon team, ensured that these fixtures were used to great effect creating myriad looks for the assorted performers.

CHAUVET Pro Migration of Souls 1

Hung on two alternating rows of overhead truss, and on stage left and stage right truss, the MK2 Wash fixtures were used to colourise the stage in an array of rich evocative colours. Joining them over the stage the spot and beam fixtures, which were used created texturing gobo patterns and highlight individual artists during the performances.

Connecting the crowd in the spacious performance area was a critical goal of the design team. Helping them accomplish it were the six Strike 4 fixtures, which were hung in a straight line on front stagetruss and used for audience lighting.

Enhancing the immersive aura throughout the venue were the fixtures that were used to colourise the undulating fabric that adorned the ceiling and sides of the area. Using these fixtures to bathe this material in deep, rich purples, the team created a calming, transformative sense of a sea; a sea that connected the varying parts of a single entity together, so they could draw strength from one another and in so doing becoming even more compelling, the very spirit of Migration of Souls.

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