Hibino Lighting adds versatility to Tokyo's R3 club lounge with CHAUVET Professional

Building on the success of the legendary R2 Supperclub in Tokyo's lively Ropponghi district, the venue's owners have expanded their hospitality portfolio with the launch of the R3 Club Lounge, a colorful, gorgeously appointed “hybrid venue” that combines trendy dining with a red hot DJ-driven nightclub experience.

Designed to offer incredible spatial diversity, R3 Club Lounge provides guests with a range of ways to soak up its immersive ambience, whether in a standing lounge and dance floor, or its opulent and individually themed VIP Room located by the stage area.

Helping to accentuate the club and its different micro environments is a versatile lighting design by Hibino Lighting. The Hibino team used lighting to give each space a distinctive appeal while pulling everything together into a unified look. Helping them accomplish this was an impressive collection of CHAUVET Professional products including six Rogue R1X Spots, four Rogue R1X Washes, four Rogue R1 BeamWashes, eight COLORado Batten Quad Q15 units and 45 COLORdash Par H7 IP x 45 fixtures.

CHAUVET Pro R3 Hibino Lounge 1

Beginning with the disco ball in the center of the venue, the team at Hibino Lighting were keen to accentuate the concentric nature of the venue with its central dance floor and various VIP offshoots. Hung from central circular trussing, the Rogue R1X Spot fixtures highlight the disco ball feature with spectacular concentrated throws of powerful refracted light, creating a unique visual focal point with which to direct attention towards to adjacent lying DJ booth.

In addition to highlighting the centerpiece of the central area within the venue, the team were mindful of the brief given by the club’s owners to provide versatile lighting for the multi-functional nature of the space. As could be seen with one of the venue's inaugural parties with local hip hop artist Miyachi at the DJ tables, it was the combination of lighting effects that ultimately accompanied the guests on their journey between different evening ambiances, beginning with food service until 10:30pm and ending with the club lounge until the small hours of the morning.

CHAUVET Pro R3 Hibino Lounge 2

Two of the key tools for this shift in ambience were the combination of Rogue R1X Wash and Rogue R1 BeamWash fixtures. Thanks to the sheer versatility of the seven 25W RGBW quad-LEDs of the Rogue R1X wash fixtures, Hibino’s design team were able to create soft and atmospheric looks in support of the dining experience, whilst ushering in punchy, vibrant looks to underline the livelier vibes of the evening DJ sets. Complementing these fixtures with their expansive zoom range of 3.4° to 67.7°, the Rogue R1 BeamWash, on the other hand, gave the in-house lighting technicians the ability to add depth to the dining space, transforming the space with energetic bursts of light during the club hours.


With the back of the stage forming another key focal point within the central space, it was also deemed necessary to incorporate this surface within the over-all concept to provide a canvas of colored light to accentuate the DJ booth during both the dining and club hours


Creating a beautifully homogeneous curtain of wash light thanks to the slender, linear form, the arrangement of COLORado Batten Quad Q15 fixtures in front of the surface created soft, relaxed visuals to accompany the intimate feel of the venue during the dining hours. During the evening's versatile performances and DJ sets, however, the fixture's inherent energy comes into play, with the pixel mappable RGBW effects guaranteeing an element of visual excitement with which to underline the stage as the focal point within the venue.

With the final peppering of 45 COLORdash Par H7 IP x 45 fixtures specified to add saturated colored accentuations throughout the venue, Hibino has succeeded in providing a versatile array of looks to support the venue's double purpose as both fine dining restaurant and club. As a result, R3 is already gathering a reputation for its memorable nights - and that will surely support its goal to become the go-to venue for international DJs and live acts in the Roppongi area.

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