Astera LED Technology. Lightdrop at Plasa 2016

Astera LED Technology, a German company was present at the Plasa for the second year in a row. Astera is specialized in building multifunctional event lights with built in battery and wireless receiver which offer a fast and flexible setup.

Their most popular product is the Lightdrop, a 15W RGBW LED light no bigger than a coffee cup. The AX3 comes with a bracket for hanging and aiming it upwards but can be built into translucent objects or under tables and chairs with its magnetic backside. The AX3 can be controlled by phones/tablets as well as W-DMX and CRMX transmitters and a basic infrared remote control.

Astera has been selling  since almost 10 years and are already established in several European markets but just started selling in Spain.




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