New Tasker cables: digital audio and video application over LAN cables

The twisted pair cables are used increasingly in areas beyond the pure and simple data transfer, such as Digital Audio applications, where you can create a network, even controllable by remote, between professional devices.

Using only one type of cable, wiring is therefore facilitated and results even in much lower budget than regular analog audio networks.


In this context tasker presents its range of Ethernet cables, distinguished into different categories: 5e, 6A and 7, according to the transmission speeds and types of shielding applied to the single cables.


In fact, depending on the type of shield, the unshielded pair cables are indicated as U.T.P (Unshielded Twisted Pair) and may or may not have a shielding on the grouping; in this case they become S-U.T.P. (Shielded - Unshielded Twisted Pair).

There are also shielded cables with aluminum foil, the F.T.P (Foiled Twisted Pair) and those with double shielding, which add a tinned copper braid on the grouping, the cables S-F.T.P. (Shielded Foiled Twisted Pair).

Tasker proposes a new range of cables for mobile installation, C725 (Cat. 5e, S-U.T.P.), C728 (Cat.6A S-F.T.P.) and C726 (Cat.7, S-F.T.P.); these cables are extra flexible thanks to elementary stranded formation and available with PVC jackets, LSZH or PUR, specific for external applications. For fixed installation, however, are preferable cables with monofilar conductors as C727 (Cat.7, S-F.T.P.), also these, available with different types of outer sheaths to suit different applications.

Following this scenario, we thought about this product, able to satisfy the different market needs and offering the maximum fire protection. Our last new is the tasker C722 B2ca, a LAN Cat.6 S.F./U.T.P., 4x2x0,25 mm² section with multiple operative applications and approved for the maximum risk class as the CPR legislation says.

The possible applications of these cables do not end there. Great importance they have in fact in the broadcast industry, where the simplicity of installation and affordable prices, compared to installations in coaxial cables, push broadcasters to build new video equipment with cables of category 5e, 6A and 7, as well as in the applications of the DMX protocol, a standard of digital communication mainly used to control lighting of the scene in the entertainment industry, which uses mainly the products such as those described above.


Tasker daily strives to research and develop new products and materials, also creating custom productions, which allow you to have specific solution for the single customer and to anticipate upcoming technologies, providing new products to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

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