ChamSys at LDI 2022

If the past is indeed prologue, then ChamSys should be very busy at LDI this year. Nevertheless, the company has ensured that booth 2243 will be a bit roomier, by showcasing a group of space-saving on-the-go control solutions.


Chief among the products showcased will be the MagicQ MQ250M Stadium, a powerful portable desk with an innovative folding HD Multi Touch display. Lighting professionals will be able to take this tidy console anywhere, the company says, while relying on it to take their show to new heights.


Capable of directly controlling up to 128 universes without requiring any additional processing equipment, the new space-saving console is compatible with all MagicQ software. The intuitive laid out MagicQ MQ250M Stadium also offers a host of user-friendly features including 10 backlit and motorized faders, as well as ten backlit playback encoders with executors.

Other dynamos at the booth are the MagicQ Compact Connect or MagicQ Compact Mini Connect, both of which are making their US debut at the show. These PC-based programming interfaces offer a convenient "control-on-the-go" solution for programmers, operators, and LDs.

Simply by connecting to a PC, Mac, or Linux via USB-C, the user can run up to 64-universe shows on the two interfaces either of which fits easily within airline carry-on limits. Both products feature 10 Playback Faders, Cue Stack Control Buttons and Network ports, while the Compact Connect also includes Attribute Encoders, as well as a 10Scene port.

The ChamSys booth will also afford visitors the opportunity to experience the new MagicQ Stable v1.9.3.5 software first hand. Available on the ChamSys website, and can be downloaded at no cost to all MagicQ consoles and PC platforms. This software features an enhancement that allows One Shot and Random Directions on any FX; automation calibration of Position and Rotation of heads within the MagicQ 3D spaces; and new Timeline Markers and Beat Grids for the Audio Timeline.


Although ChamSys has "conquered space" with its new collection of powerful compact consoles, space is still limited at the three MagicQ training sessions the company will be offering Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during the show between 11am and 2pm, so visitors are urged to preregister soon by visiting the company's ChamSys Academy page. 



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