Sixty82: lightweight structural systems, interview

Sixty82 BV, started in 2017, is a British, Dutch and French alliance designed specifically to bring a fresh view onto the market. Headquartered in Drachten, Netherlands, SIXTY82 has every component required to change the way that lightweight structural systems are used. 


Who is your product targeted to and what are its uses?

Sixty82's products are designed to meet the needs of technical suppliers in the sound and light industry.

These products can be used by a range of different customers, including venues, AV rental companies, stadiums, concert halls, and others.

Our products are mainly used as tools to build constructions and stages or lift AV and show equipment. For example, our ALPHA82 truss can be used to build sturdy, durable structures for concerts and events, while our ARENA frame is an ideal solution for venues that need to quickly and easily set up and tear down stages. Overall, our products are tailored to the specific needs of technical suppliers in the sound and light industry and are designed to help them build and support high-quality audio and visual experiences for their customers.


Where can your product be found? In which countries? In which markets?

Mainly all countries in Europe, Middle East, Japan, Asia Pacific and recently expanding to North America.

In the light and sound industry.


What advantages does your brand provide in comparison to your competitors?

Sixty82 is a brand that focuses on reinventing the trussing industry. Our goal is to develop new products that are strong additions to the toolbox of end-users.

Two examples of this are the ALPHA82 truss and the ARENA frame. The ALPHA82 truss allows users to reuse their bespoke truss systems, improving their return on investment and reducing waste. The ARENA frame is a versatile staging system that helps venues improve their building times and reduces the number of people needed to build the stage. This is particularly useful in a time when it is difficult to find skilled technical staff.

In addition to our focus on innovation, we also believe that good technical support is essential for our customers. We want to help them bring their creative ideas to life by ensuring that they are technically sound. We feel that this combination sets us apart from our competition.
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How many divisions or categories do you have? 

Sixty82 offers a range of products for the sound and light industry, including midsize and bigsize trusses, staging, and total solutions such as roof systems and stage for indoor arenas.


Do you offer an ‘after sales’ service?

Yes we offer product information, technical support, training, test builds etc.


How can we find more about your catalog and its purchase system?

On our webite.

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Now a question related to Spain and other countries, do you have a distributor? Can we buy directly from your company?

Are you interested in establishing a dealer in Spain? How? We already have a distributing partner in Spain: Stonex.


Is there any noteworthy issue you would like to tell us about your company?

We started this journey way back in 1982, creating the world’s first modular aluminium trussing system.
That invention, and everything that has followed, has been driven by recognising the needs and demands of a fledgling industry that has since become a global phenomenon – Live events.

For us, this means facilitating the build and rebuild of literally thousands of structures every year, and the according stories of excitement, emotion and joy that are so fundamentally human.

So for us that defines it, the need to innovate, to enable and ultimately to continue working towards our end goal. To help you to build incredible stuff. Some of our recent innovations are:

  • Indoor arena frame, The fastest to build up large iindoor stage system.
  • Alpha 82, The most felexible multipurposte touring truss.
  • TPM trussing, The next and improved 30er squae and triangler truss, a much improved sucesor of 30er truss series.

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