KV2 Audio at the Jerash Festival in Jordan

The Jerash Festival for Culture and Arts, traditionally held in July, transforms the ancient city of Jerash into one of the world’s liveliest and most spectacular events.

In December this year, after a three-year, pandemic-enforced absence, the festival was back in force with an impressive line-up of top regional artists including Tamer Husny, Marwan Khoury, Asi Hillani, and Rabeh Saqer to name but a few.


For the eighth year running, Amman-based live production specialists, Triad Live Productions, were tasked with full sound and lighting production for the event. Their sound system of choice was KV2.


KV2 Audio Jerash 4 HI


The setup this year was a little different. In the main 5,000-capacity South Theatre, we were required to install a large truss structure on stage with a height of 16m. Ultimately, that worked to our advantage as we flew a VHD2.0 cabinet left and right at 16m that took care of the upper tier seating; and thanks to its vertical dispersion of 40 degrees, it also provided perfect coverage all the way down to the bottom of the middle seating section as well, explains Triad’s General Manager, Amjad T. Marar.


“We set up another pair of VHD2.0s ground stacked left and right at the front of the stage at a height of 6m off the ground (on top of the subs) to cover the lower seating areas”, he continues. “In terms of subwoofers, we deployed a total of 8 x VHD4.18s and 4 x VHD2.16 ground stacked left and right. A double ES1.0 systems and four ES2.16s acted as side fills and 20 x EX12 stage monitors completed the system”.

KV2 Audio Jerash 3 HI

For the smaller, 2,000-capacity North Theatre, Triad opted for a double ES1.0 system supplemented by four ES2.16 subwoofers.


The sound we achieved was incredible to say the least. Of course, we had the occasional comment from certain sound engineers along the lines of, 'Where are the speakers?' My answer to that is always the same - forget the hanging bananas! Just close your eyes and try to forget your traditional notions of what SHOULD sound good - just listen! We’ve been working with KV2 Audio for 15 years now, and we have not had a single complaint from anyone. For my money, these are the best sound systems on the planet, period!, affirms Marar. 


KV2 Audio Jerash 2 HI

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