Highlite International at Theme Park Toverland

Theme park Toverland in Sevenum, The Netherlands, faced the challenge of opening its doors outside the standard theme park season for its immersive ‘Winter Feelings’ experience and successfully turned to Antari snow machines supplied by Highlite International BV to add to the wintery ambiance.

From 26 November to 15 January, the Dutch theme park offered visitors a unique and magical winter wonderland. For their immersive Winter Feelings concept, they aimed to transform the entire (normally tropical-themed) Port Laguna entrance area into a winter-themed world.

Highlite Antari Toverland 3 HI


To meet this challenge, they invested in 14 Antari S-500 L snow machines, acquired from Highlite. The Antari S-500L is a professional, silent snow machine that delivers snow showers to medium and large venues and was therefore perfectly suited to the occasion.


The main activities centred around a large ice skating rink, providing good old-fashioned winter fun for all the family. Set up around a ten metre tall Christmas tree, young and old could be seen enjoying a turn on the ice. The 14 snow machines were scattered throughout the Winter Laguna area and provided much of the winter weather experience with their artificial snow showers.

Highlite Antari Toverland 1 HI

Toverland added a unique element to the Winter Laguna: a curling rink where groups of up to eight people could enjoy a friendly game of curling. There was also a five metre high tubing hill for children and adults to slide down from. Food and beverage stalls decorated in appropriate winter style in the area completed the picture.


Toverland’s Winter Feelings concept relied heavily on an immersive winter experience and thanks to the 14 Antari S-500 L snow machines, visitors to the Winter Laguna were sure to enjoy a captivating atmosphere, regardless of the weather and lack of natural snow.


Highlite Antari Toverland 2 HI

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