PK Sound technology now available throughout Europe

PK Sound has partnered with well-established Regional Distributors to make its patented solutions readily available throughout the EU. Belgium-based distribution firm FACE will represent PK in Central Europe while Barcelona’s Adagio Pro will represent the brand in Southern Europe.


After months of close collaboration laying the foundation for our expansion into the EU, we’re proud to welcome FACE and Adagio Pro as PK Sound’s Regional Distributors for Central and Southern Europe, respectively. Both have outstanding reputations serving their territories and the first-class technical and commercial acumen to properly support a technologically advanced product line. Working together, we can deliver a premium acoustic and brand experience for PK Alliance members and their clients on an international scale, explains James Oliver, Chief Strategy Officer with PK Sound.


PK Alliance Member companies investing in PK’s T10 medium-format robotic line source systems through FACE and Adagio Pro gain exclusive access to dry-hire rentals of large-format Trinity Black robotic systems from a globally standardized inventory throughout Europe and North America, including active Hubs in Spain and Belgium. Additional Hubs will be added throughout Europe and worldwide commensurate with utilization by the growing network of Alliance Members.


To ensure the success of current and future European partners, PK Sound has hired a team of experienced and esteemed live sound industry professionals in the territory to serve as a direct voice to its global headquarters in Calgary, Canada, and liaise between EU-based Regional Distributors, Alliance Members, and clients.


The company is also working with a growing network of distinguished FOH and systems engineers, dubbed PK Alliance Educators, to train and support its expanding user base and continue driving product demand.


PK Sound’s robotic line source technology is unlike anything else in this industry, and its potential in the European market is virtually limitless. We’ve made significant progress in developing the PK Alliance network in Southern Europe and look forward to sharing the advantages of real-time, multi-axis coverage control with our expanding network of partners and clients in the region, comments Daniel Alorda Derksen, Executive Director of Adagio Pro and its parent company, Holmusic.


The company’s robotic line source solutions have already been deployed in Europe for numerous high-profile applications, including the Formula One Belgian Grand Prix, Graspop Metal Meeting, Spain’s Cruïlla and La Mercè Festivals...


I’m proud to welcome PK Sound and their robotic line array systems to our offerings. Our company has a tradition of embracing new, innovative, and advanced technology brands, which makes this a perfect match. PK Sound’s unique and patented robotic multi-axis coverage control gives users unprecedented tools to optimize audio performance regardless of the shape of size of the venue, piloted by the intuitive .dynamics control software. We strive to offer our customers the best solutions for a wide variety of applications and look forward to doing so with our new partners, shares Karel de Piere, CEO of FACE.

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