Sterling Event Group successfully invests in EM Acoustics

Sterling Events Group, a UK-based technical event production and hire company, recently added to its professional audio offering through a substantial investment in EM Acoustics loudspeakers. Since adding to its portfolio, Sterling have deployed EM Acoustics systems on multiple high-profile projects.

The investment, comprised of 24 R8 Reference Series loudspeakers, complemented by 12 S215 subwoofers, has granted Sterling Events Group access to a powerful audio arsenal, enabling them to offer high-quality sound solutions to an expanding client base.

EM Acoustics Sterling 2 HI


EM’s R8s have proven to be a game-changer for us. We recognised the need for a an accessible, yet still high-quality option to meet diverse demands of some of our client base. The Reference Series fits the bill, offering remarkable musicality and great value when compared to other brands. Coupled with the different flying and mounting options, we’ve been able to use the R8s on all kinds of projects, commented Tom Wright, Assistant Head of Audio at Sterling Events Group. 


EM Acoustics Sterling 4 HI

Sterling Event Group have deployed the R8s on several recent projects, including graduation balls at prestigious UK universities, JD’s recent annual retail conference and Nottingham Light Night. The R8's adaptability has enabled Sterling to cater to a diverse mix of event types.

"On some projects, we have integrated the R8s with our existing set-up, and always tend to use EM Acoustics DQ20 amplifiers to run the system”, adds Wright. “We’ve received positive feedback from both engineers and event attendees when we’ve used the EM boxes”.

“One of the key benefits of working with EM Acoustics was the ability to listen to and test the equipment before making the purchase”, recalls Wright. “We visited the EM Acoustics factory and had hands-on experience with the technology, which was an important factor in our decision to invest in the R8s”.


The R8's performance, coupled with their durability, have made them indispensable for our operations. They’ve enabled us to provide ultra-high-quality audio solutions across a range of events and we’re really pleased with them, concludes Wright.

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