Viviana Straps Original transmitter belts

Viviana Sound Solutions manufactures high-quality wireless transmitter belts and features advanced non-slip surfaces. They also provide other solutions for theater and musical productions, film sets, and field recording. We are entering the range, recently distributed in Spain by SeeSound.


Viviana Sound Solutions manufactures their products in Italy, using the finest fabrics and materials to meet the needs of the most demanding sound professionals.


Viviana Sound Solutions was founded in 2017 by experienced sound professionals who aim to provide an added level of quality and safety when securing microphones and IEM transmitters to actors, dancers, and more. Before launching their products commercially, the founders of Viviana Sound Solutions spent a considerable amount of time searching for technical fabrics and materials that best suit their purposes: offering comfort in use, complete discretion, and security against accidental falls and slips due to perspiration or vigorous movements.


Viviana Straps Original

The Viviana Straps Original range encompasses a wide variety of wireless transmitter belts, with different models, colors, and sizes for chest, waist, thighs, calves, ankles, etc. Thus, the product range has in common:

  • A universal-sized pouch for wireless transmitters that accommodates all standard transmitters on the market and isolates them from perspiration with a special coating.
  • Additional double pockets for cables, located next to the main transmitter pouch.
  • Ultra-low profile Velcro, adding minimal thickness to the fabric, with excellent gripping capabilities.
  • Double hypoallergenic polyurethane non-slip bands on the waistbands.
  • Customization available upon request, allowing for logos or names to be printed on the belts to prevent them from getting lost on large productions.



Viviana Straps Extreme

The Viviana Straps Extreme range offers the same advantages as the original range. However, in the case of the Extreme range, the non-slip coating covers the entire contact surface with the skin, maximizing safety against falls and slips due to perspiration. All this coating is made of hypoallergenic polyurethane.

Notable in the Extreme range is Viviana Chest, a band that allows lavalier microphones to be placed on the actors' chests, avoiding noise from rubbing against clothing or body hair in the case of male actors. Also noteworthy is Viviana Double Pouch, a waistband that allows for carrying two transmitters simultaneously.

VIVIANA SeeSound 3 HI 

Viviana Cloud

Viviana Sound Solutions also offers Viviana Cloud, which is a quick and secure way to upload backup copies of field recordings to the cloud. This solution is based on a small hardware device and an app for Android and iOS, allowing for easy uploading of recordings to cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Adobe, in some cases directly from Aaton or Sound Devices recorders.



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