ROE Visual's LED innovations at ISE 2024


ROE Visual participated in ISE 2024 and stood out at the event with the launch of its latest LED innovation, Coral, and an impressive exhibition of LED solutions tailored for the audiovisual integration and live events market.


ROE Visual showcased its latest products and LED solutions designed for live events, broadcasts, and audiovisual integration.


Launching Coral: an impeccable visual experience

At ISE Barcelona, ROE Visual unveiled Coral, its latest LED innovation, representing a significant leap forward in display technology. Coral promised unparalleled visual experiences, boasting advanced features and cutting-edge design. The launch of Coral reaffirmed ROE Visual's commitment to pushing the boundaries of LED display technology and delivering solutions that met the evolving needs of its global clientele.

ROE Visual ISE 1 HI

 Showcasing Topaz Series and Vanish ST for AV integration and live events

In addition to the Coral launch, ROE Visual showcased its acclaimed Topaz series and the new outdoor series Vanish ST. ROE Visual specifically designed these products to cater to the demands of the AV integration and live events market. The Topaz series, known for its exceptional image quality and versatility, and the outdoor LED solution Vanish ST, captivated attendees with their innovative applications and superior performance.

ROE Visual ISE 5 HI


Quality LED for broadcast and film environments

ROE Visual showcased the Ruby series, a range of sturdy LED panels equipped with high-contrast black LEDs. The series comprised panels with pixel pitches ranging from 1.2 to 2.6. With less reflection and high contrast due to the optimized black body and a 16-bit color depth, the resulting colors were striking. The Ruby RB1.9Bv2 paired a bit-depth of 16bit with a refresh rate of 7860Hz and a scan ratio of 1/8.

ROE Visual ISE 4 HI

We were thrilled to be part of ISE Barcelona, the premier platform for showcasing audiovisual innovation. Our participation underscored our commitment to providing the global market with groundbreaking LED solutions. The launch of Coral and the showcase of our Topaz series and Vanish ST reflected our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in LED display technology, said Roelof Bouwman, Managing Director at ROE Visual Europe.



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