Cruïlla, the first major festival in Spain powered 100% by renewable energy

The Parc del Fòrum in Barcelona will be transformed into a temporary city from July 5th to 8th, where attendees will be thrilled with over 50 concerts across five stages, artistic experiences, comedy, gastronomy, and innovative initiatives that bring music closer to an immersive and sensory experience.

All of this will be experienced within the first large-scale festival where all the energy is 100% renewable.

In numbers, this means saving the consumption of 13,600 liters of fuel and thereby avoiding the emission of 36,000 kilograms of CO2 into the atmosphere. This is equivalent to the emissions from a 300,000-kilometer trip in a diesel car, or in other words, circling the Earth 7.5 times in the same vehicle. To absorb these emissions, it would be necessary to plant 1,795 trees.

Jordi Herreruela, the festival director, states:


For Cruïlla, it has always been a priority to be as sustainable as possible. That's why, among other measures, this year we have gone from being a festival without plastics to embarking on the path towards a zero-waste festival. We have also limited the capacity of the venue, focusing on the local audience, as most of the emissions produced by a festival come from the travel of its attendees. Additionally, this year we will become the first major festival powered by 100% renewable energy thanks to our collaboration with Endesa, all with the aim of becoming a reference for other large events.


Isabel Buesa, territorial director of Endesa in Catalonia, highlights:


We have been working towards this goal since we started our journey as a sustainable sponsor in the music industry a year ago, and we are very pleased to announce it. Eliminating fossil fuels and replacing them with renewable energy is a pioneering step among the many we have taken, and it will undoubtedly pave the way for reducing the environmental impact of many other major festivals.


The process to "power up" the entire Cruïlla Festival started months ago with an analysis of its energy needs, as well as the existing electrical infrastructure that powers the Forum area. As Herreruela has stated, "thanks to the intense joint work between Cruïlla, Endesa, and BSM, we have found the solution that allows us to achieve the common objective: a sustainable festival connected to the electricity grid and powered by 100% renewable energy".


From a technical perspective, it has been ensured that the medium-voltage distribution network supplying the area is prepared and has the appropriate capacity to meet the energy needs of Cruïlla.


Furthermore, Buesa states that Endesa has "activated a specific monitoring plan for the festival, which includes the prior review of all installations and making teams of people available to attend to any needs".


Sustainable Cruïlla by Endesa

Another major revolution at Cruïlla is the transformation from a festival without plastics to a zero-waste festival, achieved through the use of reusable and returnable cups that can be used up to 150 times in many other festivals, as well as providing free water sources and using recycled aluminum water bottles for the staff. A new approach to physical merchandise has also been implemented, with an on-site printing system that allows the audience to bring their own clothing and have it printed with the Cruïlla design.

To continue growing based on the Cruïlla Sustainable by Endesa model, the festival looks towards the future. Therefore, an assessment of the carbon footprint impact and an audit of waste flow will be conducted under the supervision of the Waste Agency of Catalonia, along with awareness campaigns and emissions offsetting. The goal is to generate methodology and share the results and learnings with the entire events sector.


Other initiatives include responsible mobility and the sustainable festival challenge

According to recent studies, 80% of the CO2 impact from large events comes from the travel of their attendees, especially when events target an international audience. 95% of Cruïlla's audience is local, and most attendees travel by walking or using public transportation. During the Cruïlla Festival, in collaboration with Renfe, TRAM, and Moventis, access routes will be adapted to minimize pollution during transportation.

With the support of Endesa, zero-emission mobility will be promoted by providing free parking spaces for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Furthermore, emphasizing the importance of local sourcing, the festival will support local suppliers and products, and limit the capacity of Parc del Fòrum to a maximum of 25,000 attendees per day to reduce the pressure on its surroundings.

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