Redefining the limits of virtual production

The virtual production with LED screens, also known as LED screen production, is an innovative technique that has revolutionized the entertainment industry, live events, and audiovisual production.


Through the use of large LED screens as backgrounds, this technology allows the creation of virtual environments or digital sets, projecting computer-generated images (CGI), pre-recorded videos, or real-time content.


This method offers a series of advantages and key technical considerations that are fundamental to its effectiveness and visual quality.

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Advantages of virtual production with LED

  1. Technological advances: The evolution of screen technologies, especially in LED and LCD screens, has made video walls more accessible and advanced in terms of cost, size, resolution, and image quality. These technological improvements enable the creation of larger, thinner, and high-resolution video walls.
  2. Creative flexibility: Video walls offer a wide range of possibilities in terms of visual content, allowing the projection of static images, videos, computer-generated graphics, and other visual elements. This enables creators to design dynamic and engaging virtual environments.
  3. Real-time production: The ability to integrate real-time content is crucial for live production, allowing the updating of information, graphics, and data in real-time, enhancing the live streaming experience.
  4. Space and cost savings: By eliminating the need to build physical sets, significant savings in space and production costs are achieved. Video walls can serve as versatile and reusable backgrounds for various productions.
  5. Enhancement of visual experience: The high resolution and image quality of video walls offer an immersive and impactful visual experience, capturing the audience's attention and improving the overall production quality.


Technical considerations for virtual production with LED

  1. Resolution and Size: It is crucial to choose high-resolution LED screens of the appropriate size to ensure a sharp and detailed image, especially when projecting high-definition content.
  2. Configuration and Installation: The arrangement of LED screens, whether walls or curved configurations, must be carefully considered to adapt to the stage design and optimize visibility.
  3. Brightness and Image Quality: Selecting high-brightness LED screens is essential to ensure visibility in various lighting environments while maintaining superior image quality.
  4. Refresh Rate: A high refresh rate is important to maintain image fluidity and avoid blurring in moving content.
  5. Control and Compatibility: Ensuring the compatibility of LED screens with content control and playback systems is vital for seamless production.
  6. Durability and Reliability: Opting for durable and reliable LED screens from recognized manufacturers ensures optimal performance and a long lifespan.

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Impact of resolution on virtual production

The resolution of LED screens is crucial for the quality of virtual backgrounds, directly influencing clarity, detail, and realism of the projected environments. Higher resolution allows better capture of fine details and improves the smoothness of edges between virtual and real elements, contributing to a more immersive and convincing experience.


Luminance and nits in LED screens

Luminance, measured in nits, indicates the brightness of LED screens. Higher nit values are preferable in environments with a lot of ambient light to maintain clarity and visibility of the projected content. Choosing the appropriate brightness depends on the viewing environment and the type of content to be displayed.

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Advantages of curved screens

Curved screens enhance visual immersion, offering a more engaging and dynamic experience. They improve the perception of depth, minimize visual distortions, and allow for a more creative and organic visual composition of virtual content.


In conclusion, virtual production with LED screens represents a significant advancement in audiovisual production, providing unique opportunities for the creation of realistic and engaging virtual environments. By carefully considering technical aspects and leveraging the advantages of current technologies, creators can achieve high-quality productions that enrich the visual and narrative experience.


* Photos taken by ISP Audio & Light Magazine at the booths of Alfalite, NovaStar, Absen, and AOTO at ISE 2024.

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