Technological innovations by Emelec VíasCom at ISE 2024

Emelec VíasCom showcased cable, connection, and connector solutions for the audio, video, DMX lighting, broadcast, network, electronics, and communication sectors at ISE 2024. With high expectations and an impressive list of exhibitors and activities, this year's edition dazzled attendees with the latest in technological solutions.

At ISE 2024, we explored trends and innovations shaping the landscape of this ever-evolving industry. The fair has been a beacon of innovation for years, bringing together professionals, innovators, and tech enthusiasts under one roof.


The event provided a unique space to explore advances in audiovisual systems, automation solutions, system integration, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and more. This year, the Barcelona edition raised the stakes even further, focusing on digital transformation and the interconnection of emerging technologies.


Highlights that attendees witnessed include:

  • Top-notch exhibitors: Leading technology brands and emerging companies presented their most innovative products and solutions in areas such as visual communication, business collaboration, home automation, and user experience.
  • Conferences and panels: Internationally renowned experts shared insights into the latest trends and challenges in technology, from the evolution of artificial intelligence to the augmented reality revolution.
  • Demonstration spaces: Interactive zones allowed attendees to experience firsthand the most cutting-edge solutions, providing a practical vision of how these technologies can transform their industries.
  • Networking and collaboration: ISE offered a conducive environment to connect with industry professionals, exchange ideas, and explore collaboration opportunities.


ISE in Barcelona not only represents an opportunity to discover the latest in technology but also serves as a meeting point for the global technology community. As innovation continues to accelerate, events like ISE play a crucial role in connecting people, ideas, and solutions.


Key trends at ISE 2024


Integration of AI in AV systems

One of the most exciting developments at ISE 2024 is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into AV systems. This includes voice recognition, real-time data analysis, and machine learning capabilities that will transform how we interact with technology.


Advancements in 4K and 8K displays and projectors

High-resolution displays and projectors remain the focus at ISE 2024. Manufacturers are introducing larger and sharper 4K and 8K displays, providing stunning visual experiences in business and entertainment environments.

To enable these products to reach the requested resolutions, Emelec VíasCom offers 2 types of video cables:

  • Fiber-optic HDMI 2.1 video cable enabling 8K resolutions: HDMI 2.1 AM to AM AOC 8K – Emelec Viascom; also available in cable reel.
  • SDI video cable with BNC connectors enabling 4K-UHD resolutions: SDI Video Connection 4K-UHD – Emelec Viascom.


Emelec ISE 3 HI   Emelec ISE 2 HI


Hybrid collaboration solutions

Hybrid collaboration has gained relevance in the post-pandemic era, and at ISE 2024, a range of solutions enabling effective meetings for both in-person and remote teams were showcased.


Advanced control and automation systems

System automation and control are becoming more sophisticated. Intelligent systems allow more efficient management of lighting, sound, and other aspects of commercial and residential spaces.

Audio and DMX lighting cables, which enable good transmission for these types of systems:

  • Digital Balanced Cable 1x2x0.22mm² 110Ω AES/EBU and DMX
  • Digital Balanced Cable 1x4x0.22 mm² 110Ω AES/EBU and DMX


Emelec ISE 5 HI   Emelec ISE 6 HI


Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)

AR and VR are impacting various industries, including systems integration. ISE 2024 showcased innovative applications of these technologies in presentation and entertainment environments.


Sustainability and energy efficiency

With growing environmental awareness, sustainability and energy efficiency were central themes at ISE 2024. Solutions minimizing environmental impact are becoming increasingly relevant.

Emelec VíasCom also offers products aimed at enhancing people's safety in public gathering environments with FRLSZH (Flame Retardant Low Smoke Zero Halogens) specifications. These types of cables prevent flame spread in case of a fire, are halogen-free, and have low smoke emissions.


ISE 2024 was an exciting event that unveiled the latest trends and advances in systems integration. The convergence of artificial intelligence, high resolution, hybrid collaboration, and sustainability will shape the future of this industry.



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